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Default Re: Team StormRiders [PG-13] [Part Two; Chapter 34: Captured]

Originally Posted by k_pop View Post

How many posts have you started like that?

Not that many... >.> Lots of information coming out in this one. Learned more about the Hunters and some more of the Missionary's past. Have more reasons to totally hate Virok. Sometimes there's villains you love to hate... He's not one of them.
Tali's past hasn't gotten any better, that's for sure. Looks like she and Zanna are bonding though, kinda. ^^' And what happened to Lani?
And omigosh! Eon just shows up!? I mean, I guess I was kinda expecting it at some point since there was never any indication that she was gone, but I wasn't it expecting it there. XD

Already told you what I caught. ^^
Thanks for catching the typo, Kris. xD I almost got them all.

And uh, not many? x3 Yeah, this chapter was learning all about Tali and Rakai, and the history of the Missionary. I thought I should put it in there because people would be wondering what it was really like. Well this is part of it! And poor Rye's grandfather. ;____;

Lani, uh...she'll be in the next chapter. xD Zanna and Tali never did get along, but at least the uptight Buizel's coming around. Zanna doesn't love the idea about working with her, but they both realise it has to be done if they ever want to get out of that horrid place.

Haha, Eon! =D She finally made an appearance. Mwahahaha. Now you'll have to wait and see what happens, how she plays out with the rest of the characters.

Coincidentally...I've noticed a lot of people who read my story don't post in this thread. Lots of guests but few members. Just saying that I love people who post comments in my story, I love feedback. So if you read this and don't post, feel free to do so cause I won't bite. xD

Team StormRiders is BACK. Read it here!
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