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Default Re: X-Force: America's Dawn(RP)

Ichiru, Kiseki & Kotomi Kagami
Vectors/Telekinesis, Pyrokinesis/Forcefields, Phoenix Fire/Pyrokinesis/Flight
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"No, you are not in trouble." Keiru chuckled lightly, obviously having detected what the three siblings were wondering. All of them visibly relaxed when he spoke, listening as he continued. "You three produced outstanding results in the most recent Science test, each coming out with a score of over 93%, and you've proven yourselves to be outstanding in various other classes, especially the combat class. You've heard of the X-Force, correct?"

The trio nodded almost in unison during the pause that followed Keiru's question, although they knew he wasn't finished and kept quiet.

"Well, I'm the leader of the X-Force. Many call me Justice." Keiru continued. "Would you three like to be a part of the X-Force and restore peace and equality to America? You have all shown exceptional qualities in compassion, mercy, kindness and you all have good hearts I know it. So, what do you say?"

Before any of them could respond, Keiru's attention turned to the door, where a girl with long blonde hair walked in. None of them knew her personally, but they did know that she was Keiru's sister; known as Miss Smith to the students, although like with Keiru, they still knew her real name. Judging by the look Keiru gave her upon seeing her, she obviously wasn't expected at the moment. From the look on her own face, it was obvious that she hadn't expected the three of them to be in the room, either. Behind her, a familiar blonde could be seen (assuming she followed Amy?), which brought relief to the suddenly tense air. Had it not been for such an atmosphere, any or all of the siblings would have greeted Nalani instantly.

"Ah, Vengeance, have you got those reports I requested?" Keiru broke the silence. Amy's eyes noticeably widened after he'd spoken, which brought confused looks to the dark haired teens' faces.

"Don't worry sister, these three are new recruits to the X-Force. Isn't that right?" Keiru stated, turning to look at the trio as he asked the question. Another brief pause followed as the question registered, Kotomi being the speaker this time after it finally had.

"Y-Yes, that's right." She smiled after she'd answered, speaking for her brothers as well. "Thank you, Mr. Smith."

A woman with long dark hair appeared in the doorway then, looking to Keiru with a small smile.

"I apologize if I'm interrupting something, but I'd like to borrow one of your students." Her gaze shifted to Ichiru then. "Ichiru, can I ask you to come with me for a moment, please?"

Kotomi and Kiseki looked at their brother in concern, both hoping that he hadn't gotten into trouble for fighting or any attitude problems again. He returned the looks with an almost annoyed one of his own, although he didn't say anything in response to them.

"Fill me in on anything I miss." He said to his younger siblings, glancing back at Keiru. "I'll see you later, Mr. Smith." The dark haired teen then followed the woman out of the classroom, giving Nalani a small greeting smile as he passed.

"I notice you've been behaving better lately." His attention shifted back to the woman after they'd left the classroom and walked a little ways down the hall.

"Of course. This is my third school after all. I'd like to stay in one place this time..."

"You're doing a good job of that so far." There was a pause after the response. "Of course, I can't say your social life is going too well right now."


"Which is why I'd like to ask a favor of you." By now, the two had reached the school's exit near the dorms where the students stayed. "Three new students enrolled today; Ashley and Jeremy Gilbert, and Caroline Forbes. I'd like you to show them around the school when you get the chance." She turned around to look at Ichiru, whose scowl was hard to hide.

"Seriously..?" His answer came out dully as he looked at the older woman in protest. "I think you got the wrong twin for this, Ms. Hamilton." A soft chuckle was his response, which made his look more sour than it already was.

"No, I know perfectly well who I'm talking to. Kiseki would certainly have no problem with this task, but that's exactly why I chose you. You need to become more involved with the students and teachers if you're going to be a part of this school."

"Isn't that what got me into trouble the first two times...?"


"Nothing." Ichiru responded sourly, looking away toward the door. "Where are these new kids at, anyway?"

"I think two of them are still in their rooms, but if I'm not mistaken, I saw Ashley head outside only a few moments ago. She should be with the other students right about now."

"Then why can't they show her around?"

"Ichiru." The dark haired teen gave a sigh, turning toward the front door.

"Fine, I'll go now."

OoC: Was gonna type more than that, but I donít wanna have some uber long post xD
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