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Default Re: Left Behind [RP]

Doc, Grovyle
Route 5, 11:31 ( I understand this is backtracking a bit, forgive me), June 15th.

Something nagged at Doc's mind, pulling him from his thoughts. He quickly turned his head to see what it could be, when his eyes rested on the Pikachu next to him. Doc startled, nearly falling from the tree when he noticed the pokemon's outreached hand. Come on now! You've really got to pay more attention, he thought. Taking the black pen from his mouth and placing it back in one of the coat's many pockets, Doc turned to the Pikachu and shook his hand.

", was it? I'm Doc." Crossing his arms and straightening his back to appear more professional, he added "Scientist."

Kemp appeared pretty trustworthy, so he continued.

"You are correct, by the way. I do seek to cross Driftveil River. I've come to the conclusion that, while preparations are going on here, there is still little intelligence on the state of the Wild forces." He dug the pen back out from the coat. "Can I assume you're going as well? It doesn't really matter in the end, but who knows what's over there?" Stop babbling and get to the point. "So...yes, what's your plan to get across? Water doesn't concern me much."

Doc briefly looked back towards the bridge, its grand design a memory of the many people who were now gone. Perhaps, somewhere in the world, was the answer for why they disappeared. He laughed quietly to himself. If I ever find a hint as to why, I'll research it more. He brushed his coat free from leaves and turned his attention back to Kemp, eager to cross the water to land unknown. To him, at least.
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