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Default Re: Left Behind [RP]

Lesha the Pikachu
En-Route to Route 5, EST 12:00 PM, June 15th
Neutral, Team Theta Leader.

Lesha had far more of a speed boost than she originally guessed. The wind blew fast, the natural water current went northbound, and the additional propulsion from Karazin and Holk, all made it possible for the whole trip to be interday-she long presumed that the sun would set before then, but the distance was far shorter than she realized, and their speed was far faster than she guessed.

Then, suddenly, what she knew would happen, well, happened. The sure sound of Karazin's snoring meant that he fell asleep-not from the work of pushing the boat, which was greatly eased by the favorable conditions, but by simply the warmth of the water being equal to a good bed. Lesha could never truly comprehend the full amount of Karazin's odd sleeping habits, but she knew one of them was that he was impossible to wake by any external means other than naturally waking up while submerged in water.

"Holk, Stop!" Lesha yelled, with Holk immediatly following orders. Lesha grabbed Karazin's arm, pulled him up onto the boat, and did her thing.

"WAKE UP, YOU LAZY NIT!!" Lesha yelled directly into Karazin's ear. Karazin, albeit awake, still looked quite sleepy. After one yawn, he immediatly realized the situation, and immediatly resumed his post.

And the team carried on from there, admiring the beautiful coral formations Unova had to offer...Yet no human ever found.
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