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Default Re: X-Force: America's Dawn(RP)

OOC: Sorry for the crappy posts. Anyway, filled out a new Character Bio if you wouldn't mind checking it out.

Jecht Remnant
Alexander Regime
Super Speed/Super Senses
New York

Jecht sighed loudly. Not only were they going to attack the mutants at this base, place, thingy, but he also had to help? That seemed to be too much work. Jecht hoped none of the crazy people would be there. Granted, so had awesome abilities, but they were crazy, nuts, loony even. Good help was so hard to find now-a-days, and doing a bit of recruiting himself he knew how hard it was. Suddenly, Alex got a text message, seeing has Jecht could hear it vibrating. He seemed to be pleased with the message. Jecht could have easily read the message with his knowing, whether he just took a couple steps back and looked at it or just took a peak with his super speed, but he decided not to. He believed they had a mutual respect for each other. He also knew that if he did anything to piss him off too badly, he wouldn’t be safe from his wrath anywhere on the planet.

After that, Jecht sighed again and looked up at Alex. “Hey bro, are you planning on killing some of these X-Force people or just getting their strength reads? And do I have to do anything specific.” Jecht really didn’t want to even be bothered by this. It seemed like a lot of hard and extra work just to get rid of some pests. He didn’t think they were even that dangerous really. Jecht could hear the army, even before Alex mentioned it. The closer they got, the louder it got, to the point where Jecht was thinking about turning his hearing off to get some piece and quiet.
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