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Default Re: Are you happy with the new forum re-organisation made to PE2K?

To be honest the changes has made the forum less cluttered and look a bit more active, I like the changes, changes is good, and to be a bit more honest, it's a bit of shock to not see the Announcement section as the first thing you see when the Forum loads, but it's no big deal and I'll have gotten used to that by Friday.. xD

The logic of this re-organizing seams bullet prove to me, like the Art's section, well each subsection had about 2-4 active threads, so now the Art section will have about 6-12 active threads in it but now with those 3 combined the the Arts (Graphics, Drawn art and Contest) section won't look as dead, and when it doesn't look so dead it will look more appealing and attractive and more people might wanna post in there.

And if the prefixes I suggested would be added it would uncanny/perfect (iknowegomuchxD)

So I hope this will make the site look more appealing and alive, and some of the comments I've read from people who dislike the changes seam to be about nothing and illogical, just complaining to complain, just saying, but this goes for just some while others bring a logical valid well composed argument that describes what they don't like.

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