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Default Re: The "promiscuous woman" walk

Originally Posted by IT View Post
I understand the meaning behind the walk. An effectictive way to raise awareness, that I can agree to. My main point was just that maybe provoking isn't the best way to solve problems, which are accused of being caused by provocation. Seems like a classic eye-for-an-eye situation and those generally lead nowhere.

The aim was to get positive reactions and raise awereness of sexual assaults against women dressing like this, and as the organizers of the walk said:

So, it was worth a try, I guess. Trying is the most important thing anyways when it comes to solving problems as major as sexual assaults.

Also Kenny, hi. You're still as cool as you used to be.
Certainly more useful than doing nothing at all as the alternative anyways. Thanks. ;)

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
People run those things, people decide what is popular, people decide to listen.
You seem to confuse the idea of culture and people. We are nothing but slaves to culture, as we learn such a thing while we're young and malleable. It becomes innate in us to follow popular culture in such a way. Why do you think 12/13 year old girls become huge fans of Paris Hilton and called her "an inspiration" and a "role model"?

Don't kid yourself about the power of culture. In the 1980's a psychiatrist that taught me some stuff told me of an alarming trend with the question, "what do you want to be when you grow up?"
Prior to 1980's: we hear things like "doctor" or "fireman" and what not. Their role models are real human beings with real stories behind them.
After 1980's: "rich"

Culture is learned, and thus we are in an era where Hollywood has become a rather potent vector to such things. No longer are we influence by writers like Katherine Mansfield. We're much more influenced by what Brad Pitt's doing. And that's all there is to it. Skinner was right.

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
I can deny it, and I will. Rape was more common 35, 40, 50, 60, 70 years ago than it is now. Want to know why? Women have rights. It has everything to do with the argument. No, rape rates have not increased, they have and will not increase(d), they have decreased. That proves that the way women dress have very little effect on the amount of rape.

Alcohol affects everyone differently. It does not make everyone a wh0r3, or a sex craving maniac, so alcohol is not necessarily the problem, rather, it is sexism that is the problem.

Thus, the argument is void.
"Acquaintance rape" is still the most common form of rape today. I think you misinterpret my words, since I wasn't arguing about changes in rates of rape in the past than now, mainly because I've already said that this is irrelevant as long as that number is greater than 0. Women rights, undeniably, does have some positive impact on this problem as women is more likely to speak out in this day and age than before.

Alcohol is the #1 drug for date rape and acquaintance rape. It's a drug designed to cause disinhibition in people. This is the mechanism of effect of alcohol and is an undeniable fact. So yes, alcohol is a huge part of the problem when you on top of that stack the culture of sexually aggressive men when drunk. This remains that sexy clothes will undeniably raise the probability that intoxicated people would do unsavory things (and interestingly, the group most likely to do stupid things while drunk are also the group most likely to get drunk in the first place). It's literally the most scientific thing I've typed in the entire thread. >.>

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