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Default Re: Left Behind [RP]

Alice Card ♀
Neutral Meowth
On the shore of the Driftveil River, Nimbasa Side

Alice sat on the shore, lapping her sodden fur dry with a sandpaper tongue. Her bag had gotten a bit damp during the crossing, but none of her medicinal supplies had been damaged - thank Arceus - and the large pouch was now drying slowly in the sunlight.

Beside her in the grass sat Nick, her close friend and self-appointed guardian. He was checking his precious cane for water, his nimble yellow paws scanning the surface quickly. When he found no water, he reached into his own bag - a small black pouch made of leather, with zippers to keep it sealed - and pulled out his belt, which he had kept in the bag to prevent it from getting damaged. Alice continued to wash herself as he buckled it on, making it fast with the little wooden clasp that Nick had whittled to look like a Spinarak, for some unfathomable reason.

"Good thinking with that raft, Nick," Alice purred, casting her eyes back to the shore. Nick had used his tail to cut down several Oran saplings, which had bark that was good and light. Alice had helped him lash these together to form a sort of boat, filling the cracks with river clay. The piddly boat was sitting on the bank, looking almost sad.

"Pity it won't be useful again," Nick commented. He tugged his knife out of the belt, inspecting that. When he found it dry he put it away. "We worked hard on it."

"Not so," Alice replied. She stood up suddenly, getting down on all fours and stretching to the tips of her claws. Her very whiskers shook with the movement. "We can tell any Pokemon we see in the city that we have a little boat; it's not much, it should be able to get at least some Pokemon through the water - emergency messengers, hunters, et cetera."

Nick blinked in surprise. "Good point," he said.

Alice nodded. "It's what I'm here for." She smiled graciously, then chanced a glance in Driftveil's direction. To her relief, there were no Pokemon for yards - the control booth wasn't far back but rather far to their right. Alice wasn't quite ready to meet any other Pokemon just yet.

"So what are you planning on doing in Nimbasa?" asked Nick.

Alice shrugged. What I always do. I'm going to try to help Pokemon and spread the love of Arceus. I've also got to tell whoever is currently in charge that we spotted at least four dozen Wild Pokemon camped near here, battle-ready."

Nick nodded somberly. They had seen a lot of Pokemon, all of them scruffy and all of them Wild, hiding out in the woods just before the river. Nick had listened in on them, and he had told Alice that they were discussing battle plans and attack strategies - where it was best to fight, and whom to kill first. The thought of it made Alice shudder.

If Driftveil is going to be attacked, she thought, then I want to be there to help them. She knew that a lot of wounded Pokemon came here for supplies, and to seek healing. If it weren't for the fact that Alice thought that her help should go to all equally, then she would probably had just settled there long ago with Nick. She fingered her Rayquaza necklace - her one memento of Natalie Card. She shivered slightly from more than just the chill of being waterlogged.

She looked over at Nick, surprised to see that the Pikachu was staring at a tree not far off. Already perched in the tree was what appeared to be a Grovyle in an extremely weather-beaten white coat; a Pikachu wearing a piece of red cloth on its head and a sack on its back was scampering noisily up the trunk. Alice tensed, readying her claws in case the strangers were hostile. Beside her, Nick pulled his cane out of the place it sat when he wasn't using it - on his back, between furry flesh and the leather strap - and held it in readiness so that he could simply start attacking should the need arise.
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