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Default Re: X-Force: America's Dawn(RP)

Alexander "Blade" Maverick
Alexander Regime
Manipulation of Metal
New York

“Hey Boss-I could hear that in the middle of New York, you sure your safe doing that? What if they bring a bigger army of metal?” a voice spoke up from alongside Alexander, who turned to see Jecht alongide him.

"The more they send, the more fun we have." Alexander smirked. "Now Jecht, I will require your assistance in a task that is of the utmost importance. I have managed to deduce the location of the X-Force base, and I am preparing an assault on the location. I would like you to accompany me in the assault, our forces are mobilising, we shall be meeting the assault force several miles out of town."

"We should be on our way to meet them now." Alexander stated, and began levitating off in the direction that the rendevous point was situated at. "Come Jecht."

Though Alexander had sent his niece and nephew to the school, he was still going to launch the attack, to test the defences, but also to test the fighting skills of his niece and nephew, as he wanted to see if they could fight under pressure. As if by fate, his phone began to vibrate, and he levitated it out of his pocket, focusing on the small metal filaments in the phone, and pressed the button to read the text. Ashley,Jeremy and Caroline were in the school, soon their skills would be tested.

Alexander typed a reply to Ashley, and read it over once to make sure he wanted to send it, and nodded, clicking the send button.

Good work. Be careful, and don't blow it. I believe you will succeed, love you.

Keiru Kabari-Mr Smith- (Justice)& Amy Kabari-Miss Smith- (Vengeance)
Electricity/Induced Radioactivity
Enlightened School for Mutants; Countryside near New York

"No, you are not in trouble." Keiru chuckled lightly. "You three produced outstanding results in the most recent Science test, each coming out with a score of over 93%, and you've proven yourselves to be outstanding in various other classes, especially the combat class. You've heard of the X-Force, correct?"

Keiru waited for a moment for an answer, and then continued.

"Well, I'm the leader of the X-Force. Many call me Justice." Keiru continued. "Would you three like to be a part of the X-Force and restore peace and equality to America? You have all shown exceptional qualities in compassion,mercy,kindness and you all have good hearts I know it. So, what do you say?"

Amy had left the room she'd been in, a feeling boiling inside her that something was going to happen. She needed to inform Keiru. She walked hurriedly down the corridor, turning a corner, and was only a couple of steps from the class Keiru was in, when she crashed into a body, and she went cascading to the ground. For a moment, Amy was dazzled, before rubbing her head and looking at the student she had walked into.

"Oh Nalani, I'm sorry I didn't see you there." Amy apologised, standing up as her cheeks changed colour. "I hope you're alright. I didn't hurt you did I?"

Amy then remembered that she had wanted to talk to Nalani about something, and decided she could do so after seeing Keiru.

"Nalani, please come in here with me. I need to discuss something with Mr Smith and then there is something I wanted to talk to you about." Amy smiled, turning and walking into the class that Keiru was in.

Keiru's head turned as he saw his sister walk in, raising an eyebrow in confusion, wondering why she was in the room. Amy's gaze locked onto Kiseki,Ichiru and Kotomi, and she cursed mentally, she'd have to wait.

"Ah, Vengeance, have you got those reports I requested?" Keiru asked.

Amy's eyes widened when Keiru called her Vengeance, since they were in front of students.

"Don't worry sister, these three are new recruits to the X-Force. Isn't that right?" Keiru stated, turning to look at the trio as he asked the question.
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