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Default Re: X-Force: America's Dawn(RP)

OoC: Kei Ochima gave me permission to bunny her characters until she gets back. I'll post for my own characters after Kaioo posts again.

IC: Ashley, Jeremy and Caroline
Alexander Regime
Telekinesis, Mind Compulsion/ Telekinesis, Mind Reading/ Water Manipulation
Alexander Maverick’s Base and then Enlightened School for Mutants

Ashley, Jeremy and Caroline were packing all their bags in their separate rooms, getting ready to leave for the Enlightened School for Mutants. The three were on a very important mission; learn as much about the school, the members and its security system. The three were very talented actors and knew they could pull this off easily; they were the best of the best. Even though Ashley’s and Jeremy’s uncle, Alexander Maverick, was out for the moment, the twins and Caroline were on a time schedule and had to leave without saying goodbye. Once their bags were packed the three left their rooms and headed towards their cars together.

“You guys ready?” Ashley asked her brother and Caroline.

“Yeah; we’ll pull this off.” Caroline said as Ashley nodded.

“Remember, the school can’t know about your Mind Compulsion and my Mind Reading. The less they know about us the better.” Jeremy said as he sat in his car, though he didn’t close the door as he faced the two girls.

“Yeah; since we’re twins they wouldn’t think it’s weird that we both only have Telekinesis. We can use our other abilities as a secret weapon.” Ashley responded.

“Exactly.” Caroline said with a nod. “I’ll show them all my powers since it all has to do with Water Manipulation.”

“We should get going.” Ashley said as she looked at the time on her phone. “Remember, just blend in and act normal.” With that, Ashley and Caroline got inside their cars and left, following each other to the Enlightened School for Mutants. Once the three got there they were greeted by a guard at the one gate entrance, which made Ashley take in a deep breath since her car was the first in line, which meant she had to speak.

“Welcome to the Enlightened School for Mutants. I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before. Are you new?” The male guard asked with a friendly smile.

“Yeah. The three of us heard this was a safe place for Mutants.” Ashley responded calmly.

“Well you’re at the right place. There’s still plenty of room for new comers. If you follow this road then it will lead you to the large parking lot that’s in the back of the school. I’ll notify the staff members right now so that once you three get inside then someone will show you to your rooms and show you around the school.” The guard said as Ashley smiled.

“Thank you very much.” Ashley said. The guard pressed a button that was in his station which opened up the gate. The three then drove up the road which lead to a parking lot along with a huge fenced-in basketball court which had teenaged boys playing a game. When the trio parked their cars by the basketball fence and got out, the group who was playing basketball stopped to look at Jeremy, Ashley and Caroline.

“Looks like we have new meat.” One of the boys said with a smirk.

“Good thing the two girls are hot.” Another boy commented. The trio just ignored them and grabbed their belongings, walking to the front of the school and stepped inside. Once they entered, a woman with long black hair who looked to be in her late twenties welcomed the trio with a smile.

“Welcome to our school. What are your names?” The woman asked.

“My name is Ashley Gilbert. This is my brother Jeremy and our friend Caroline Forbes.” Ashley responded.

“My name is Coral Hamilton. Follow me and I’ll show you to your rooms.” Coral said as the three nodded. They were led up the stairs where they were greeted by endless rooms, as well as students walking up and down the large hallway. “What are your powers?” Coral asked as the group walked down the hallway.

“My brother and I have Telekinesis and Caroline has Water Manipulation.” Ashley responded with a sweet smile. The woman smiled as she walked to a room and opened it, revealing a bedroom.

“One of you can stay in here while the other two can stay in the two rooms across from this one.” Coral said.

“I’ll take it.” Ashley said.

“Okay. You guys can just unpack and relax for today. I’ll come back later or send a student to show you around the school.” Coral said as the group nodded. Jeremy and Caroline followed her out of Ashley’s new room as Ashley closed the door with her Telekinesis. She walked over to the bed and sat down, unpacking and folding her clothes. After putting them away she took out her phone and pulled up her uncle’s number, sending him a text message.

We’re in. So far so good. Ashley sent the message and then deleted it, being smart so no one would ever find the text. She then stood up and walked out of the room, telling both Jeremy and Caroline she was going to check out the grounds. The brunette then walked down the stairs and out the door, seeing a bunch of students using their powers for fun and hanging out with each other outside. Ashley walked over to a lonely tree that was away from everyone else and sat down under it, letting out a sigh as she played with a piece of grass. She was sure it wasn’t unusual for a new student to separate themselves from everyone else at first due to shyness.
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