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Default Re: The "promiscuous woman" walk

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
And who do you think sets what pop culture is? The people.
Hollywood. Industry. To think that people are little more than ants in a propaganda-filled environment is silly.

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
Um, gay originally meant happy and uplifting, not homosexual, so, no, it was never a derogatory term, ****** was.
Gay is obviously a negative term. People still use it in this fashion.
"Oh man I got grounded" "that's gay"

The fact of the matter is that the reason why it became a negative term was because it got associated with homosexuals, and people began changing the connotation behind it. Hence to change it back, the homosexual community started using it in a positive manner.

Originally Posted by Pe2k Voices View Post
Point is, no, clothes are not getting more suggestive, that is Mormon and Muslim talk. It does not bring about rape, as rape was more prominent before modern ages. If I was a bigot like on Gran Turino, I'd tell you to get the fk off my lawn.
I don't think anybody's arguing that clothes are in their all-time low in terms of the amount of cloth that exists on a woman's body. I mean, knee-high skirts were considered risque like 50 years ago. Now we have wearing miniskirts as a norm. So yes, it has been more suggestive even if we compare to fashion 10 years ago. Mormon/Muslim talk is specifying that wearing these clothes are an act of infidels, which obviously is not my argument. I simply state what is and left it at that.

One cannot deny that wearing less clothing is more likely to provoke drunk men into doing stupid things. Until we fix the problem of alcohol, sexy clothes will always give a higher risk of being raped than not, even if it isn't that big of a difference due to the sheer little amount of rape that is random. Seriously, it doesn't matter if it was more prominent in the modern ages that it exists now in this form as well as the more common "assailant is someone the girl/boy knows" form.
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