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Default Re: The Role Play Forge - RP Creation Teamwork

RP Title: The Guardians (I'm open to suggestions, names isn't really my forte)
RP Fandom Basis: Pokémon, medieval setting(No guns, high-tech equipment etc. The most advanced projectile weapons are crossbows and catapults/trebuchets, haven't decided on the pokeball feature, flashback to gen2 makes me think of apricorns, but you would still need some kind of technology for that to work, wouldn't you?), 'fantasy/mysticism/magic'(explained below)
Opening Plot and Exposition:
The people of <region> had lived in peace for decades. Having lived under the protection from Arceus and his legendary guardians, there hadn't been a war or even a natural disaster for the past century. And even the conflict between the two factions had been thwarted. One side, <"Pokémon/Human Co-op" faction>, had Pokémon and humans both working and living together, and there were often as many Pokémon as humans employed at the local blacksmith or at a farmer's fields. For generations that had been the way of living, and nobody saw any problems with that, except for the <"Pokémon and humans separated" faction>. They had nothing against Pokémon as such, but their opinion was that the Pokémon should live in their natural habitats, and that humans shouldn't interfere, or use them to do their own work. They argued that the Pokémon working alongside the humans did more than the humans themselves, and some extremists even called it slavery. This conflict had been rooted so deep within the two factions that some were fighting just because they always had done so. This all changed with the Council of the Guardians.

To the outside, this council was humans, normal in every way except for the fact that they had all been hand-picked by Arceus himself and his fellow legends. From the inside however, not much about them was normal any more. They had all lived within one of the two factions, and for various reasons they had been offered the opportunity of their lifetime, which, if they accepted the offer, ironically meant from that point until they had fulfilled whatever task that they were destined to perform, no matter if it would take ten, fifty or two-hundred years. There were seventeen Guardians in total, all with their own specialty, be it fire, ice, darkness or electricity, all except for one, the Council leader, the most powerful individual of them all, known as the Omni-Guardian. Arceus himself had created shards, small pieces of the plates he had created once before, and each guardian was given a shard coresponding to their element, with the Omni-Guardian recieving a small shard of each kind. The benefit of the Omni-Guardian was his ability to combine different skills in ways that the others couldn't even do with years of practice together, but the downside was that every other Guardian was much more skilled and flexible in their own niche than the Omni-Guardian ever could be. These shards came with a price though, using their abilities consumed power from their own bodies, weakening them momentarily. This was the one thing Arceus had made sure of, as they would have been able to turn on him with full might had he not limited their powers to their human bodies.

This council had quickly earned the respect of the people of both factions, partly through easily performing tasks almost impossible for normal human beings, but also partly because both factions were proud to have some of their own in the Council. Thanks to this respect, and to some extent fear of what Arceus might do if they didn't listened, both factions agreed to listen to a suggestion that the Council had in mind, although 'order' may be a better word, considering their influence in <region>. They told the gathered faction leaders that the only way to make peace was to find a way to live together, to learn from each other and get to know the other side with other words than enemy, slave-owner, or other even less flattering names. The suggestion made was that on top of the plateau, in the center of the region, both factions would together build a city, at the lake, the very center of the rivers that was currently the border between their territories. A lot of the faction-leaders were skeptical at best, but the Council firmly stated that if they went back home, and ask that all that were willing to consider this meet with the Guardians, both people themselves would be allowed to choose, rather than letting the few leaders gathered decide the fate of the region. Both sides reluctantly agreed, and did as they had been told. To much surprise, large parts of both factions seemed to be interested in ending the war, and there were many who volunteered to help with the building of the city.
With the council as the middle-man, always present when the two factions met to decide upon details, the two groups of people slowly got to know each other. After almost a decade the city stood finished, although it had been slow at first. Both sides had been eager to live in peace, but neither side trusted the other. Due to this, they had started out on separate ends, and although they were following the same schematics, things were going slow. As they got to know each other better though, there were eventually no team of builders that didn't include individuals from both factions, human and Pokémon alike. During the building of the city, the highest leader of both factions lived in temporary settlements near the building site. At first determined to make sure that the other side didn't try to cheat or try anything funny, but later on because they actually enjoyed the company of each other. They both had children, coincidentally both of them were boys and as such the heirs to the leadership, who had grown to become very good friends. What had a decade ago been treason was now looked upon as a sign of a good future, and their friendship would last for many years to come.
With the city finished, the Council summoned the leaders, and gave them a few 'guidelines'. They were both to live at the citadel, located in the center of the city. They were to rule the city together, and no faction would be superior to the other. Furthermore there would be no such thing as specific sections of the city that belonged to a certain faction. The people who lived their were from this point on of the same faction, that of peace and harmony, and anyone who disliked this idea were welcome to go back to their former home. The leaders had no reason to argue these words, and the people welcomed the idea, with a few minor exceptions.

So now the city stood finished, and at the ceremonial opening and naming of the city, the two leaders agreed on calling it "The Heart of the Lands". It was built by the lake that gave the region it's water, which is the true heart of the lands, and for as long as the city stood there, hopefully there would be peace.

The ceremony of the opening was conducted on the longest day of the summer, and each year from that point on there was a huge festival and celebration in honor of the Guardians. The people who lived in the new city was flourishing, diseases were minimal, and the medical knowledge that came partly from the Guardians had the effect that people grew much older than they had used to. It was quickly noticed though, that the council didn't age. At the 50-years anniversary of the city, they all looked like they had done at the time it was built, and it was at this time they revealed their powers, to some extent at least. Although some people were scared of what they could do, everyone knew that it was their guidance that had led to the peace, which had now lasted for over half a century.

Present time
It is now a little over 100 years later, shortly after the 150-years anniversary of the city. There had always been a lot of visitors in the city, especially around the festivals, and this year was no exception, if anything, there were more people than ever. And while everything was proceeding as normal, this was the start of a nightmare. At nightfall, or as close to nightfall as you could get at this time of the year, the Fire-Guardian used his power to conjure up some fireworks, something that had been tradition since the time they had revealed their powers. During this show, which was more spectacular than ever, most of the people had their attention aimed towards the sky, not noticing that a lot of the visitors were disappearing, moving in the direction of the citadel or the city walls. And even fewer noticed that all these odd visitors draw their swords, thus breaking the most sacred rule, that which said that only the citadel guards were allowed to even carry a weapon within the walls if the city. These visitors then attacked the guards, leaving none alive, and the Omni-Guardian in person executed the rulers of the city, after which he appeared at the balcony looking out to the square which had been the center of attention during the fire-show. As the traitors surrounded the people, and the guardians gathered below the balcony, the Omni-Guardian said to the people, partly telepathically to avoid all the shouting, "Listen up people, the city has fallen, the guards are dead and your rulers are no more. From this point on I and the council are the ones in command. Nobody of you will be allowed to leave this mountain, and anyone who tries to do so will meet the same fate as the guards. Fear not, however, for if you do not try to fight us, but rather continue with your lives as before, we will do you no harm. That is all."

The people didn't like the situation, but they didn't see much chance of survival if they didn't do as they were told. There were however a few minor uprisings, but these were thwarted almost before they attacked. Once Arceus learned of this, he cursed himself for his own cleverness. The shards were such that no force, not even himself, could take them from a guardian by force. The only two ways to separate the shard and the Guardian is either taking it from the Guardian's dead body, or him/her giving it up by his/her own will. Long he thought about the situation, and no solution seemed to be good enough. He could try to confront the corrupted Guardians, but they would not bow down to reason, and he did not want to put himself in harms way, God or not, they were seventeen, and all of them had part of his powers, not as powerful, but he was still outnumbered. He could not send the legends after them, partly due to the risk of a legend dieing, and partly due to the fact that should the legends succede, the humans, and pokemon alike, would no longer think of him and his kin as benevolent creatures, but rather tyrants who annihilate those who disobey. To further complicate things, there was no point in waiting for the Guardians to die, since they would not grow old, and apparently they had managed to bypass their original orders. Their task had been to create and keep the peace between the two factions, and for as long as they upheld this task, they would live.

After thinking long and hard, he decided upon a plan, and hopefully it would work out better than the last time. Once again he started to create the shards, and once again he set out to find humans worthy of such a task, but this time he was not alone. Last time, he had picked all of the guardians himself, this time, he would ask his kin to help choose the humans, perhaps they could succed in finding those pure of heart where he had so obviously failed.

On top of this crisis, conservative groups from both factions have started to gather in larger numbers than they have been since the peace broke out.

This is the time and setting of your story. You are one of the new guardians, who were approached by either Arceus or another legend who is associated with the type you are representing. You are tasked with finding the other new guardians, taking down your counterpart in the former council, and somehow restore the peace and regain the trust of the people who have just been betrayed by the very humans they had trusted for a around two centuries.

Inspiration: It is an idea that I have been turning over in my head more or less since I was last RPing here, which is about a year ago. I have altered it a fair bit from the original idea I had, and I expect it to be altered even further before I post it, if I ever will.

Where you need help: Obviously, one of the first things you may notice is that I have no name for the region, or the two factions. I have been thinking about a couple of posibilities, but I'm no good with names, and am open to suggestions. Furthermore, I would like to know if anyone think this is doable, or if I am the only one who can see any potential in this. Also if you find major flaws in the balancing and the like. Obviously, there is a higher than usual risk of people playing like they were gods, but I've tried to counter that with the fatigue that the use of abilities cause.

There, hopefully it is still ok to post in this thread, I know there have not been a post for some time, but it is still stickied, and there have been long gaps between posts before.
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