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Default Re: Left Behind [RP]

Brute the Hydreigon
Route 5-En route to Nimbasa
June 20th, 11:25 AM
"Time for Nimbasa city to feel my wrath" Brute made his way of destruction towards Nimbasa City's defenses. He felt the need to sneak up to obliterate their defense before making a wave of terror on the tamed pokemon. He had to think carefully about where he should hide since his dark black, his magnificent blue and his fiery maroon. He then saw a speeding Weavile as fast a rocket with an Absol following on foot. He was intrieged to follow the duo and find out their intentions.

He finally caught up and spyed on their interesting conversation. He heard a few words like Klang, Tamed, Darkness, Nimbasa and King. He tried to put them together and thought that they said something like this. We will use Klinklang to help the tamed pokemon at Nimbasa for I am the King of Darkness. He was determined to stop them from reaching Nimbasa by beating them then destroy the defenses by blasting it.
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