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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death

Everyone is a freakin' Mage >_<
I'll be different and reserve a human for the Cullen~
Regular humans can have [shiny?] Pokemon right?

Name: Amaryth Velza, AKA the Magna Deserter
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Team: The Cullen
Class: Human Craftsmith and Warrior
Description: Amaryth is 5'10 with an athletic build hidden under her clothes and armor. Her eyes are a piercing emerald green colour and her hair is a dark auburn usually tied loosely back. She has scars all over her arms and legs from mishaps in sword practice , though she thinks nothing of them when mentioned. Some scars on her arms are from other Pokemon encounters. She has an armor shoulder plate and plating under her vest leather, of which is adjustable thanks to her ingenuity in smithing. Her casual attire consists of a soot stained grey tunic and black pants, and brown leather boots and brown leather vest. She has specially made gloves, made from the hide of a Rhydon, with small armor plating over the joints of the fingers for added protection.

In her Magna Deserter persona, her armor is a dark silver trimmed in black and crimson and on the left shoulder has a self scratched in insignia of unknown origin. Thanks to her ingenious design, this armor is durable and is tucked away under the armor she wears just as her usual self. Metal plating goes over her leather boots, held on by a metal clasp just around her ankles. Her gloves she keeps on, however covers them also in another metal clasp, similar to the one she wears around her elbows. Her helmet is one thing she can't hide within her unique armor design, but however is the most unique part of it. The single face plate helm, only having small slits to see and breathe through, but not to be recognized in, also keeps her true self hidden, by having her voice altered by the reverberating metal, making her sound like a phantom. Four horns going along the top and following down the helmet add to the sense of ominous ambiance to this form.

Personality: Amaryth is a very strong person in all sense of the word. She is physically strong, but hides that prowess under her sharp wit and even sharper tongue. She isn't afraid to back down from a challenge, unless it is absolutely ridiculous and she knows there is some sort of deceptive cheating behind it, and is never one to shy away from proving a man that he is wrong. An incredibly focused individual who notices many small things about people, and can make educated, and often correct guesses about their personality or habits. Her interest lays in machines, ingenuity and creating the unusual and new. Her main goal rests in learning about the lore covered mystery machines that may live under Saffron. She isn't much of a people person due to living much in seclusion most of her life, though doesn't mind the company of one or two people every so often. when asked about her specially made sword, rather than claiming it as her own, she will simply state that she is searching for a particular person to give it too.

When acting as the Magna Deserter, she often acts cold and almost merciless towards others. There are few who have met such a person and lived to tell about it, leaving her shrouded in dark myths and fear. She uses this fear to manipulate those who are weak of heart for information she needs or items, even money. Still there are times with glints of Amaryth shine through, most often when she allows someone to leave without severe injuries, or with their life. There may be only one or two people on the entire known earth who know who the Magna Deserter really is.

History: Amaryth for as long as she knew was an orphan. Her parent’s death was blamed on a ravaging riot of wild Pokemon of which she never knew was the truth or not. She was taken in by an old blacksmith who forged everything for the Magnasanti army and guard. during the years, all Amaryth knew was a black anvil, a hammer, and mounds of metal. Life wasn’t easy, as she lived in the forge, ate, slept, rarely had the chance to go outside. There was a window however, and Amaryth always watched out that window any chance she wasn’t working. She saw the people, and those who lived under such pressure and watch, she almost feared outside. Her guardian always told her never to fear the outside, but make the outside fear you.

Over the many years, Amaryth grew up in the same forge, taking over the duties of her guardian as he grew older. She slowly started to learn the secrets of what she always thought of as an enclosed and masked prison. She was taught of secret passages leading out of the forge and off the castle grounds, some of the small Pokemon that hid in the shadows and crevices, and soon came the time where Amaryth learned of her guardian’s biggest secret.

One night, as Amaryth was working late on her special armor project, her guardian came to her and watched her for a moment. After the hammer and anvil sang their usual working on, Amaryth asked why the fires were always burning constantly, without them ever being checked before. She was brought into an underground room where a large, ash covered, orange and green dragon-like Pokemon. Amaryth was startled by him at first, but found that the dragon was rather fond of her already. Her master explained to her that this wasn’t any regular Pokemon, it was a special and very rare kind. After Amaryth looked at him more, she found that the Pokemon was a Druddigon, and based on books she red about legends of Pokemon, she knew them to have red faces, whereas this one, had an orange one, and a green body.

A few weeks of interacting with the Druddigon, Amaryth grew more comfortable around him and slowly more fond of him. As another week went on, Amaryth started to notice something strange in the air around the forge. There was a bad feeling in the air and she didn't like it. She wasn't the only one who liked it. One evening in the forge, and what was to be the last, Amaryth noticed that her guardian and master had not returned from the market. When she herd a pounding on the door, she hadn't even reached it yet before the castle guards broke it down, and searched the place. Amaryth was shocked and confused, and when one of the guards noticed she was the apprentice of the old man, and a woman at that, he attempted to drag her out of the forge. Amaryth wouldn't have that, and took the special blade she had been experimenting with and swung it hard at the guard. His armor rang loud and his arm stung from the impact, forcing her to be released. She stood firm, despite being outnumbered and outmatched. The one guard was furious but his captain told him, and the rest of his men to stand down.

Rather than punishing her for attacking a castle guard, he saw potential in her to be a great warrior. So, from then on, she was marched into the schools and training academy of the Royal Magnasanti Guard. She was athletic enough to be passed off as a tomboy, due to not being the most chesty female, and her hair was just long enough to prevent and feminine comparison. Amaryth tried her hardest to return back to the forge for the shiny Druddigon, but any chance she had, she was always turned around and back to her quarters.

Years after harsh training, proven by scars all over her arms, and disciplinary codes, and Amaryth was still kept most of a secret. She despised the Royal Guard more and more in her years of training, and bided her time wisely, configuring a plan to get free. Once the time of her graduation came, she was to prove her self by fighting a rare fearsome beast. When the beast was revealed, Amaryth recognized him immediately as the shiny Druddigon from the forge. However, something was different about him. When he came out, he was fierce and angry, almost as if something in him was torn. She recognized what was wrong with him, and the way his scales covered scars on his arms and tail, even his wings, she knew; it was terrible abusive treatment. She was surprised they found him in the forge at all, and prayed her special armor wasn't found.

The Druddigon attacked her wildly, and Amaryth did her best to not harm her one and only friend. The Druddigon would not stop failing his claws wildly at her however, so she had no choice but to raise her sword and strike from above. The crowd went silent for moment, as did everything else. Amaryth lifted her helm and looked at the Druddigon in the eyes, knowing that swinging her blade at the ground and faking the assault would be enough to make him stop for a moment. The dragon recognized the face of the female craftsmith, and his previous self slowly returned. As the guards approached her,wondering what was going on, Amaryth stood to oppose them in the defense of her friend. Immediately, the Druddigon took Amaryth on his back and fled the grounds of the castle with haste, managing to escape through the special tunnels that were shown to them by the forge and with her special armor in hand. The pursuing guards found the uniform left behind by Amaryth, and thus dubbed her crime desertion.

From then on, the Magna Deserter was born.

A few months after leaving Magnasanti, Amaryth and her Druddigon, of who she called October, wander the lands alone, with no map, and not much of a plan. The only thing they are focused on is finding the mythical machines said to slumber under Saffron, and relieve Magnasanti of it's terrible political ways, be it with the machines, or by the ways of the Magna Deserter.

Pokemon: October, [shiny] Druddigon
Other: Amaryth can summon October with a special pipe when she's in danger and needs help. She can also read a bit of micro expressions, is very good at climbing because of the intense training.
VPP STATS Paired with: Sandstorm Lavastone <3 Neon the Jolteon Level100: 6576

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