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Default Re: Pe2k as you remember it

In the beginning of my time |
1) I was such a noob that I'm surprised my noobiness didn't collapse upon itself and create a black hole that destroyed the world.
2) I was known as three things: Annoying, PKIAV, and PokemonKnowItAllVanessa (old username).
3) I was ten years old and, quite frankly, and idiot. xD
4) I was a mild powerplay/godmod noob. xD
Midway in my time |
1) Changed username.
2) Matured (slightly).
3) Figured out how to actually RP.
Has PE2K died? I can't tell since I'm getting on in the first time in a while... and I can't judge off of now because it's sorta-kinda 2:30 a.m. for me...
.previously known as White Wolf of the Snow.
[12:38:59 AM] GallantlyGlaceon: ...So how do we do this? XD
[12:39:20 AM] Sight of the Stars: it's nothing really big, just usually a note in your sig that's all like 'paired with soandso'
[12:39:44 AM] Sight of the Stars: just be like "SIGHT OF THE STARZ IS MAH BIZNITCH"
[12:39:57 AM] GallantlyGlaceon: XDDD
[12:39:59 AM] Sight of the Stars: and I'll be like "GALLANTLYGLACEON IS MAH HOE."
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