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Default Re: [WAR X] WAR X RP - The Circle of Life and Death

Name: Nerezza Rinato

Gender: Female

Team: Team VILE

Class: Mage, able to access human's and Pokemon's minds and view their memories, making her able to understand them completely. Can also shield her own mind from other mages with similar abilities.

Description: Shoulder length black hair and gray eye (one is missing). About 5'6" tall and emaciated. The left side of her face is scarred and burned from a fire she was in. The scar stretches from her hairline to the corner of her mouth and destroyed her left eye. Where it was is an empty, scarred socket. Wears a black cloak to cover the burns on her arm, left side, and leg. The burns on her body are less serious, but still disfiguring. On her arm and leg, they seem to make an almost serpentine pattern. The cloak has a hood that, with her hair, covers the burns on her face. She walks with a slight limp, because of the pain in her leg and side, but has learned to compensate for it, so she can still fight and get around. She is 20 years old.

Personality: Nerezza has fits of insanity where she is at the mercy of the voices in her head. The rest of the time, she is very quiet and reserved. She avoids other people, even other members of team VILE out of fear of persecution. The constant killing has turned her cold and hard-hearted and she is unlikely to grant her enemies mercy. Rather than talk to people, she uses her abilities to find out more about them. There are few people whose minds she can't access. She has no qualms about systematically breaking into someone's head and stealing their memories to gain valuable information. She doesn't show much emotion and is completely devoted to team VILE, out of a mistaken belief that they saved her from a painful death on the streets. Her only companion, and the only living thing she cares about, is her Skarmory, Rae, who she has a deep affection for, and she would be willing to die for him.

History: Nerezza was born into an upper class family in Mancia. Her father was the head of one of the old families and her mother was a servant girl that worked in their house. However, her father's wife claimed to be the mother so as not to bring dishonor on their family, though Nerezza was always reminded that she was not her stepmother's true daughter. Her stepmother was killed in an accident at a Pokemon battling stadium and her father hung himself soon after. Because her stepmother could produce no children of her own, Nerezza was the sole heir of the family's fortune and of their only Pokemon, a Skarmory. Nerezza had never been allowed to play with other children as a child and formed a close bond with the Skarmory, named Rae, and began to train him.

She became quite successful at battling and added a great deal to her fortune, before she was in an accident while battling a Charizard. One of its bursts of flames completely missed Rae and hit her, permanently disfiguring her. She is now afraid of fire and fire Pokemon and avoids battling altogether. Rae, however, misses battling, and wishes she would battle again.

Her entire life, Nerezza constantly heard voices in the back of her head, telling her to do terrible things. However, they were only whispers and she found she could ignore them. She never dared tell either of her parents, fearing that her stepmother would want to abandon her. After her accident, when she was exposed to the magic of the Charizard's fire attack, the voices became louder and she found that she could reach into other people's minds. Her ability frightens her and she is afraid of using it malevolently. She constantly fights herself and the voices in her head to try to remain good. Nerezza would have been happy to hide in her family's mansion for the rest of her days, but recently, her neighbors started noticing something odd about her. Her and Rae left their home in the middle of the night and never looked back. She wandered the streets for days, not knowing where to go, until one day she came across a hole-in-the-wall bar.

Inside the dirty bar, Nerezza noticed a man watching her from across the room. The lighting was so bad, it obscured most of his features, but she could see the glint of his eyes following her. She sat down at the bar, and the man approached her.

"Can I buy you a drink?" he asked.

Meekly, she nodded, and he spent the rest of the night telling her about an organization that protected mages. One called VILE....

Now Nerezza is being taken to VILE's base, along with a few other new recruits. None of them have any idea what they're getting into.

Pokemon: Skarmory (Name: Rae)

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