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Default Re: Are you happy with the new forum re-organisation made to PE2K?

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Well Harry suggested in the other thread that maybe Roleplay Discussion could be made Roleplay Discussion and Sign Ups. Then people could sign up in there, and once the RP starts, they can use the thread for discussion. Does that sound like a good idea?
I like this. It's a much better proposal then what we have now. I noticed that sometimes, discussions would break out in the SU thread anyway. Also, it would force new members to read a little bit of what's been discused, so they wouldn't repeat an already answered question and stuff. The RP creator would just have to be a little more organised, maybe linking all the SU in the first or second post for easy referance?

Originally Posted by Kenny_C.002 View Post
User feedback's telling us that a signups + discussion all in one forum (i.e. the thread is first used for sign ups, then for discussion) would probably be the way we'll go. Unfortunately, this does mean that there will be short-term "turmoil" that can't be avoided.
I think it's a fair compromise. ^^

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