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Default Re: Left Behind [RP]

Kemp (Pikachu)
Route 5
June 15th, 11:30 AM

Just think of it Kemp. Tomorrow we will be in Nimbasa City, the heart of Unova. Sports, Musicals, so much to do and see! It's going to be great Kemp! Just you wait and see!

Those were the last words Kemp had heard his trainer speak. Bill had been so excited that day, and Kemp had been too. That first day in Castelia City had been his best and his last day with Bill. He could remember exactly all the hustle and bustle of people rushing around, the lights and the sounds, and even the smells of that day. Then, with a single flash, it was gone.

Kemp was thinking of this as he walked down the abandoned roads of Nimbasa City. He took about 30 minutes crossing the city, memories of that one day flashing through his head over and over. He didn't want to forget Bill, and he tried to keep his memory alive. It was all that was left of him.


Exiting the West Terminus, Kemp had decided to check out the east end of the city towards the Driftveil Bridge. Any major assault on Nimbasa would come from this side of the city, so it was being heavily fortified by Fighting Type Pokemon, who were constructing barricades out of the parts of old construction products. Boldore and Gurdurr lifted the heavy steel beams from the old sites and onto a makeshift barricade that split Route 5 in half.

Kemp ducked through a small hole in this barricade with ease considering his side, hoping to reach the river's edge for a better view of the other side.
Walking across the cracked pavement, he crossed through an old fairground, where the tents and trailers were still standing, as if the flash had happened yesterday. He was weary of these quiet places, since he had been ambushed in areas much like that one.

He made haste walking through the abandoned fair and moved onto the Driftveil Bridge, which at the moment was lifted to prevent any Pokemon from crossing it. There was a few Pokemon standing guard at the bridge controls, which were accessible from both sides. Either side could have the bridge open at any time. However, once the bridge was dropped from either side, you had to use that same controls to lift the bridge again.

Kemp wanted a better view of Driftveil City closer to the river, so he decided to step off the road and over to a solitary tree that grew by the side of the river. As he neared the tree he beheld an interesting sight. In one of the upper branches was another Pokemon not native to this region, a Grovyle who was looking across the river, deep in thought. He wore the garments of a human, a scientist to be exact. It was beaten up badly, but he continued to wear the rag, perhaps out of the memory of a former trainer.

Kemp could already tell that this Grovyle wanted to cross the river. He seemed intently focused on that side, deep in thought about how to manage it without using the bridge. Kemp was no psychic, but he could read other Pokemon well using his intuition. He used this to tell the motives of Pokemon he dealt with, and whether they were innocuous or malevolent.

Clambering up the tree somewhat nosily, Kemp came next to the Grovyle, focusing his view on the skyline of Driftveil City.

"I see you seem interested in crossing the Driftveil River. I might be able to help you. The names Kemp, and if you want to get across safely, I'm your guy. You'll get pretty wet though. Actually, make that very wet", Kemp began, hoping to strike up a conversation. He held out his tiny hand to the green lizard, trying to make him as comfortable as possible with his sudden interruption of thought.

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