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Default Re: Are you happy with the new forum re-organisation made to PE2K?

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
Moving this to the PE2K Front Desk where all feedback should go =)

There was a thread made in the announcements forum about the changes where people were welcome to comment before anything was implemented but obviously a lot of people didn't check it. xD While it may seem rushed to you guys, the forum staff has been working on this for months and every decision was carefully considered and discussed.

Hopefully you all understand that we don't have the activity to have so many separate boards. A lot of the changes have just been reverting boards back to how they used to be before extra boards were added when we were more active. So while we will not be putting the forum back exactly how it was due to the amount of inactive boards, if you have concerns about a SPECIFIC change then we can definitely compromise if need be. =) I didn't like the changes at first either, but right now we honestly just don't have the activity to sustain the forum as it was.
When you put it like that, then it's more understandable why the changes were made. I mainly speak for myself here when I say I usually don't check the announcements, so I was totally unaware of any changes being discussed. I guess I need to start checking that more often. I think the combination of the URPG, ASB, and Online League will be something that can easily gotten used to. It was just a total shock this morning when I signed on and a lot was different.

But for the RP board, I believe I'm going to have a major difficulty getting used to there not being a SU section now. It just seems so unorganized with that combined with the part of that board where the RPs are. I was wanting to again try to be an active member in RPs and either join one that's up or start a new one, I went to look at the SUs and saw that the section was taken out. I'm just not sure if that was a good decision or not to combine the two sections since it could cause a bit of frustration for those looking to join a RP but have to look through the board to try to find the SUs mixed with the RPs themselve.
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