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Default Re: PE2K Spring Cleaning

Originally Posted by -Pichu Boy- View Post
You can't really say "out of the whole forum", because the whole forum hasn't actually expressed their views. I just counted, and as long as my maths hasn't failed me, 7/11 people said they thought the RPGs should've stayed separate.

I still don't get WHY you think they should be together in the first place. To me, this just has influence from BMGf written all over it.
Uh that's exactly what I just said? o.O Not everyone may have seen this thread but now that we've changed the boards, everyone will notice and be able to express their opinions? In which case, changes may be made? I never said anything about "out of the whole forum".

I have nothing to do with the RPGs and putting them together was nothing to do with me. I'm just saying that it's a bit rich to start saying we don't listen to anyone because of one decision which we specifically posted here for feedback and are not opposed to altering in the future if a large enough amount of users agree that it should be changed back. =/
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