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Default Re: X-Force: America's Dawn(RP)

OOC: I changed Lanai’s name to Malana, since I found it was a little too close to Lani after rereading my SU. I’ll change it thereafter.

Nalani Hyland (Fogbound)
Wind, Cloud manipulation
Enlightened School for Mutants; Countryside near New York

The library usually made for a nice study place. The noise levels were generally low, not to mention the abundance of research and reference material. Shelves and shelves of books, atlas’ and encyclopaedias were at her disposal if she if needed them. However, it was unlikely she would today, writing a short story while employing flashback didn’t really call for it. There was just something about this atmosphere Nalani liked, and found her work she produced here was best.

The blonde sat at one of the many free tables, at this hour, not many frequented this area. She was actually the only student there, save a small group of juniors working on a chemistry project. They reminded her a little of her friends, who were currently in their own science class, advanced level. Nalani put down her pencil for a moment, and allowed her mind to stray from her writings. Math was not her strong point, which scared her from taking anything too technical or scientific. She, instead, was better at writing, especially short stories, which made this current assignment much easier.

Lani picked up the sheet she’d just been using, casually overlooking her work. This was actually the conclusion to the tale, and all it needed now was the hero’s final thoughts. Satisfied with her second attempt, the teenage girl nodded simply. This one had been a little harder than usual, although Nalani had anticipated that much, with the female lead being based on Malana. Sighing, the girl started packing up, ready to call it a wrap for the evening. She’d finished all her other assignments, and was a little tired as a result.

The large windows allowed for a great view of the setting sun, Lani noticed, as she looked up, indigo binder in hand. However, she didn’t take much time to admire the scene, and started for the doorway out.

She headed straight for the advanced science class, which she knew was dismissing momentarily. It wasn’t too far from the library, and Lani figured she’d make it before her friends left. The halls in this area were a little unfamiliar, but the girl knew where she was going. That same local had been where her biology room was last year. Finally, she turned the final corner…

00C: Rushed final paragraph is rushed. I might fix it a bit when I get back.

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