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Default Re: PE2K Spring Cleaning

Originally Posted by HKim View Post
If we were to go by math alone, the RPG's combined only make up less than 8 percent of forum activity. Even the URPG, the most active of the three, hits only 5 percent of total PE2K activity.

With the new structure, if all four (and I do mean four, there is one RPG in development) were allowed to extend completely, they would take up 50 percent of the forum's space.

Is it fair to the other sections on the forum to give the RPG's more space even though they contribute less activity?

In regards to the Sign-Up Board, it should be noted that PE2K didn't originally have one (for many years) and was perfectly fine with the format of having people sign up in the initial thread and then beginning the roleplay. As an avid roleplayer that experienced both systems, I don't feel the separate section made that much of a difference. We might consider returning the SU board. What about combining SU and Discussion? Once the RP gets going, the SU thread becomes the place where people can discuss things OOC.

We combined Fan Fiction, Other Fan Fiction, and Mixed Writing together given how... inactive the three sections are. Even combined, you can see the section's first page still has threads that haven't been updated in more than a month. There is not enough activity in any of the three alone to justify keeping them separate.

The TCG section was one of the few merged boards that we had considered keeping because of the upcoming TCG Online system. The problem is, it didn't really have much activity. There were times when the board would go for a month or longer without anyone posting in it. Without any demand for the board, there really isn't a reason to keep it, but I definitely think we would bring it back if there was enough interest come the release of the TCG Online system multiplayer.
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