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Default Re: X-Force: America's Dawn(RP)

Jecht Remnant
Alexander Regime
Super Speed/Super Senses
New York-On top of a building

Jecht was sitting on top of an apartment building. He was using his powers to listen to the people in the building talk amongst themselves, and could hear all their conversations clearly. They were talking about their jobs, their days at school, the news, normal things normal people NORMALLY talk about. *It must be relaxing not having to worry about tomorrow.* However, neither did Jecht. Jecht laughed at this thought as he sat up and looked at the building on the other side of the street. He was able to tune out the people below him, and just as clearly hear the people on the opposite side. Only this time, he could see what they were doing, unless the blinds were in the way.

As if in the same instant, he was on a different building, about a mile away. Sometimes even his speed startled him. This was a busy street, filled with food vendors. Taking in a deep breath through his nosed and he smelled the different pizza shops, meat deli’s, fresh markets, and even the disgusting hot dog vendors. It was a totally different feel from the place 1 mile over. Soon, though, Jecht found that with all these people and food gave his nose too much stimulation. “Turning-off” his sense of smell, he felt much better; until his ears felt like they were going to start bleeding.

Experiencing the same sensations before, stopping one sense made the others stronger. He had never turned off more than 2, as having 3 insanely strong senses harmed him enough. His ears were hurting because of an incredibly loud bang-more of a boom- off in the distance. Normal people wouldn't hear it, or if they did it was faint, but Jecht concluded it was 1 of 2 things; Alexander is using his powers or somebody else was crazy enough to. Jecht ran towards it, and stopped next to Alexander, who was now floating in the air, and took him about 3 minutes. Jecht had his grin on still and said “Hey Boss-I could hear that in the middle of New York, you sure your safe doing that? What if they bring a bigger army of metal?” his friendly grin turned to a sarcastic smile.
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