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Default Re: Left Behind [RP]

X (Weavile)
Opelucid City, En Route toward Route 8
June 15th, 10:00 AM

X rolled back and forth on his rock hard bed. He raised a claw to scratch an unsettled itch on his right eye. It had been a rough night and that was being modest. The Tame Pokémon had launched a small attack on X's part of the city. They had assaulted his fort, Fort X. The fort was set ablaze and was now in ruins. The fort symbolized X's hard work in protecting the City and it was nothing but a pile of scraps. X punched the side of his bed, nearly tearing it with his razor sharp claws. X was fed up with the Tame Pokémon. They claimed they were peaceful and yet they still fought an unorthodox war. War was something humans used to engage in. X was not neutral though. The Tamed had crossed a feint line. They had killed two of his closest allies. X rolled onto his back looking up into the soot filled sky. The clouds choked on the gray smoke that came from a small fire not far away. X turned onto his side. He examined the fire. It was an enticingly dangerous red color. The fire jumped as the wind blew by. X's memory kicked in and he recollected the event the other day in which his fort was set ablaze. X stood as the fort crumbled. The fire was not subjective; it destroyed everything in its path. The fire was strange. It was fueled by anger but rather by a divine force. Had it been a legendary Pokémon? Impossible. What legendary Pokémon would get involved in such a petty war? The fire was clearly unorthodox. Its power was incredible; the fire was nothing a regular fire type Pokémon could start. X grabbed his black bandana and placed it around his slick neck. He tied it tightly and smirked.

"Are you awake?" X asked; his question was directed toward a Pokémon which lay against a brick wall. The two Pokémon were in a dark alley that was full of stolen material.

"Barely...What would you like my king?" a voice responded. The voice came from an Absol which now stood up erect.

"We need to leave the city. I believe that the fire was a sign...No an omen...We must leave at once. It is not safe and more importantly we are needed elsewhere. We must go to Nimbasa," X said recollecting the fire set at Fort X.

X stood up from his rock bed. He took a glance at Absol. He had been a loyal servant to the Klang Gang. X decided he would allow Absol to come with him on his journey. X yawned. He inhaled air like a Snorlax inhaling food. It was early but this was the time of the day that X enjoyed the most.

"We will also recruit members to the Klang Gang, if possible, on the way. Dark Pokémon only!" X exclaimed. X grabbed a bike he had stolen from a young trainer a while ago. It was fast. The humans called it a Mach Bike. Its black trim truly complimented X's dark Weavile skin. Absol was fine with having to run. He said that he would use agility to raise his speed to its maximum. X led the way out of the city. They took alleyways to avoid being seen. They moved like shadows. They became shadows. Navigating the tight back ways was tough. The walls seemed as if they were going to collapse on the two speeding Pokémon. Finally the darkness gave into a bit of streaming light. The city was behind them now. A sign to the right read Route 9. It seemed as if a motorcycle had pulled up to a small household. The motorcycle was left parked outside. It was oddly left running. X smirked and looked at Absol who was thinking of the same thought. X felt that with the humans gone there were so many new opportunities. The Biker must have disappeared while on his bike (a strange thought).

"Time to get to Nimbasa City! There the Tamed Pokémon would feel the wrath of the King of Darkness," X laughed as he and the Absol drove down Tubeline Bridge at roaring speeds

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