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Default Re: PE2K Spring Cleaning

Originally Posted by -Pichu Boy- View Post
Wow, one thing I liked about this forum was how it actually listens to its members. Or not, so it seems :/

Many people who posted where expressed a dislike for merging the RPGs into one category, yet it still went ahead.

Also, apart from Teo, none of the mods acknowledged the posts saying that we don't want it to happen, even though other mods have posted since. Also, Teo's main point was about neatness, when we've said 'we as members don't care about the length of the forum, so long as it's within reason'. I, for one, actually think the forum's too short now - it makes it seem like we've got less to offer, because some people are just going to judge by first glances. So I really would like to know what the unignorable point was that meant we couldn't keep them separate.

Nice one, Pe2k staff...
I'm sorry you feel that way. Only 3 or 4 people disagreed with the new organisation of the RPG boards, which isn't much considering the amount of people that use the forum.

I'm aware a lot of people may not have checked this thread and would therefore not know what was happening, but now that the boards have been rearranged everyone will be able to tell whether they prefer the new organisation or not. If you really disagree with the new organisation feel free to make a new thread in this board listing your concerns. If its clear that a large amount of users prefer the forums to be spread out, then we can always change things back or rearrange things further. =)
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