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The Mienfoo was clearly focused and agile, however, it either didn't expect the Thunder Wave attack or it wasn't prepared enough as the rippling blue wave advanced on him. He tried to run and dodge the attack, but it hit the strong Fighting type hard in the small of the back, almost knocking it over. His yellowish body shook a little as electrical currents shot through his nerves. I recognised the twitching he started doing as being paralysed.

Just as Raichu fired off her Surf attack. Well, it was more like a stronger Water Gun than anything as this was one of her least tested moves and I knew it would require a lot more practise before it would be doing tons of damage. The jet of highly pressurised water smacked the monkey-like Fighting type in the face. He shook his head vigorously, perhaps he was trying to knock the water out of his ears or something stupid like that.

Mienfoo wasn't feeling the affects of paralysis as much as I had initially hoped for and he managed to dark straight at my overgrown mouse and perform a very powerful-looking Hi Jump Kick. He shot through the air, right foot outstretched boldly, reminding me of a cheap karate movie I'd seen a long time ago. He slammed into Raichu, hitting the white belly patch she had as though it was a target of sorts. Raichu seemed to cringe a little, but otherwise, she didn't seem all too hurt by the attack and I knew she could take this Mienfoo like a true champ.

"Alright, Raichu. Mienfoo is a Fighting type so that means he is gonna be weak to Psychic and Flying attacks. You have none of those type moves," I said half-heartedly. She stared at the ground dejectedly and I felt pretty guilty. I knew I shouldn't have said anything as she scuffled her feet in the dirt, scattering up some dirt. "Luckily you have plenty of powerful moves and move combos. Let's start off with a Focus Blast and then try and trip him up with a Grass Knot."

Raichu nodded at my command and she brought her brown-tipped paws right to each other, rubbing them feverishly in an attempt to help generate electricity. Her rosy red cheeks flared up within a few seconds and soon her paws were starting to form a large ball of swirling brown and white energy. The sphere was rapidly expanding and when it was quite a large sise, Raichu sent it flying towards the Mienfoo. Shortly after she sent a few strands of green energy. She was hoping for the Grass Knot to hit Mienfoo's legs, trip him up and hopefully hold him in place.
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