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Default Re: Left Behind [RP]

Asharas, AKA Ashe, Charmeleon
Edge of Marvelous Bridge

Asharas kept low and out of sight from the other Pokemon who made their home just before Marvelous Bridge. Whenever she was seen she made herself look as peaceful as possible, which wasn’t too hard. The Charmeleon noticed though that the Fearow seemed a bit on edge about something. She was just happy not to run into any Tyranitar, as if they were on edge, she wouldn’t of tolerated her presence what so ever.

As Asharas neared the gate, she expected someone to be guarding it, but there were no Pokemon. Not even from the neutral side of this conflict. Suspecting something was up ahead, she proceeded with caution. The Charmeleon went through the doors and found no one in the gate. Looking over at the electric sign board, nothing was displayed on it. That meant someone had been here to shut it off somehow. She was starting to get one of those bad feelings with her often correct intuition.

Asharas checked every nook and cranny around the gate for anything useful or any Pokemon trying to ambush her. Finding nothing, she knew that it was time to head outside.

Poking her head slowly out of the gate, Asharas saw that there indeed were Pokemon on the bridge, but they were all preoccupied with something. She looked from the main structure to the beams that held up everything. There were a pair of Swanna and a Braviary watching from the heights. To her dismay, the Braviary was not familiar to Asharas, hoping it was an older one known as Cowaru. However she didn’t seem to have the time to give everyone a quick facial check. There was something amidst all of them.

Asharas walked out towards the bridge, looking at what was so intriguing that they all needed to be focusing their attention on. After a space being made in the crowd from fighting over a better view was made, the shiny Charmeleon saw it. A female Espeon using Light Screen, and an Exadrill who she didn’t assume was just taking a nap.

The coat of the Espeon glittered and shone in the sunlight, Asharas compared her to an Espeon her trainer had known as Gemini who would keep his coat to that luster. Being a female Espeon, Asharas could only guess what that Exadrill was trying to do.

‘So much for getting over the bridge without a fight...’

Asharas took one step on the bridge and the onlooking crowd seemed to turn immediately, as if some sort of alarm went off in their minds.

“Excuse my rudeness but don’t you think it’s a little unruly to gang up on an Espeon--”

“It’s a TAMED.”

Before Asharas could finish one of the native Marowak had impulsively thrown his bone weapon at her from a far distance. Rolling her eyes, she watched the projectile, a rather poorly thrown one by her standards, and caught it at just the right moment. She swung herself around and threw it right back at the bone keeper Pokemon, nailing him right in the stomach.

“It’s rude to not let people finish speaking, and I did apologize for the intrusion.” the shiny Charmeleon commented in a rather unimpressed tone of voice. “Now again, ganging up on an Espeon, really now? That just screams desperation like an angry Golbat. Though I suppose that if that Exadrill was knocked down by one attack, maybe you’d have to tag team up on her to have a chance, but that’s hardly decent.”

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