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Default Re: Left Behind [RP]

Kemp (Pikachu)
Route 4, En Route to Nimbasa City

"Dang it, where's that oasis. I should have hit it a while ago", complained a scruffy Pikachu that seemed out of place among the sandy dunes. He squinted across the dunes to check for signs of water, but for miles nothing was visible but sandy dunes and ripples in the air.

That day had been a particularly unbearable one, because it was one of those days when the wind was blowing right into Kemp's face, kicking up the gritty sand that got managed to get tangled in Kemp's fur. The grains in his eyes were particularly pesky, sometimes getting behind the goggles he had scavenged among the ruins of Castelia City. He had no explanation as to how it was happening, but he wasn't going to think about it now. He was focused on finding the oasis, where he could fill up on Berries and water for the next leg of the trip.

Kemp couldn't help but wish that the highway that was supposed to cut through the desert had been finished. Unfortunately, the humans had disappeared before they finished construction, so crossing the desert was a long and grueling journey by foot, exacerbated by slippery slopes, punishing heat, and the occasional sandstorm that blew through the area.

"Water!", Kemp cried as he found the oasis he had been looking for. Taking the red headband wrapped around his head off, he ran towards the small pool of water, filled with relief that he had not passed it. It was an area that only he knew about, his little secret spot where he could rest and prepare for the journey ahead. Dunking his head in the clear water, he pulled it out nice and refreshed. He then put his backpack and headband down beside him, pulling out a small plastic bottle. He plunged this under the water, allowing it to fill with the precious liquid. Once this was done, the bottle was sealed with a cap and placed back inside the bag.

Kemp then decided to rest underneath a palm tree that grew beside the oasis. Contented by the shade of the tree's shadow, Kemp took the time to rest.

Kemp was headed to Nimbasa City because he had heard of the growing troubles that were brewing in the region. With the driving out of Tame Pokemon from Driftveil City by wild hordes, the last bastion of Tame power and order in the West had fallen. Many Tame Pokemon were now trapped on that side since the Driftveil Bridge had been closed to prevent Wild Pokemon from pushing into the east, and Kemp had decided he could at least try and help some get across the West Channel to the safety of the tame areas.

So he decided to leave Pinwheel Forest, where he had been living comfortably for a while, and began his journey over to Nimbasa City. He crossed Skyarrow Bridge that same day, stayed a night in Castelia City, and then headed out into the desert.

As he got up from his spot in the shade, he noticed that the sun was beginning to set behind the dunes. He would need to make a camp and stay here for the night, and depart next morning. Picking some fallen palm leaves off the ground, he gathered them in a pile. He then dug a small pit in the sand, and through the leaves in. Finally, he lit up his cheeks with small crackles of electricity, putting it to the leaves. Eventually a small plume of smoke began coming out of the leaves, and blowing on that he managed to make a small but stable fire. Satisfied with the little camp he had made, he found a comfortable place in the sand beside the fire and put his head down for the day. Within minutes, he was asleep...
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