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Default Re: The Move Tutor [Opening Discount!]

Originally Posted by eishiba View Post
Well they do both learn scratch, fury swipes, and hone claws. Perhaps Primeape has claws under those boxing gloves of his. If there was an "reality" in pokemon I highly doubt it would come evolved with a set of boxing gloves and shackles on its limbs, must be something under there. lol. Pokemon like Seedot and Tentacool can learn the move and they seem to lack any claws or blades like scyther. Anyhow, just trying to further my cause. If not thats fine. By the way, I evolved it into Primeape so if it does get approved by some crazy reason then Ill have to change my first post I guess.
Ehh, ultimately, I feel that it's Iridium's decision, I was just giving my opinion. And you wouldn't have to edit your first post; if you look at post #2, you'll see that, in most cases, the move is approved for the whole evolution line. :)
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