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Default Re: PE2K Spring Cleaning

Originally Posted by Teo View Post
Just to clear this up! They wouldn't all be in one merged thing!

That's just the main section like Pokemon Main
So it would be like...

Pokemon RPG
++All it's subforums
++All it's subforums
++All it's subforums

xD So you'd only really have to click on the section you want to get to to view all it's boards and stuff. xD It just gives the place a neater look and doesn't make the forum SO LONG! I hope that makes some sense?
I got that. Hence why I said 'They should keep their own categories', not 'their own forums'.

I assumed categories are what they're called, since they are on InvisionFree.

But I think it should remain as:

Ultra RPG
+National Park

Anime-Style Battling League
+[whatever the forums and subforums are]

Pokemon Online League
+[whatever the forums are subforums are]

Because, with what you're proposing, things would get confusing, as 3m0d0ll said, because it'd go:

Pokemon RPG
+Ultra RPG

Which is exactly the same as how it's laid out in BMG, and I don't like that.

And what does the length of the forum really have to do with anything? Honestly? It's not like people will scroll down and think "OMG THIS FORUM IS LONG IT SUCKS"...
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