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Default Re: PE2K Spring Cleaning

Originally Posted by Kayden Javlaíakín View Post
Man, I need to post here more.

Still, though, I really like this new layout. Although I'm a little sad at seeing some of those 'Other' forums go, seeing as I did post in them occasionally, everything does seem quite a bit less cluttered now, which is always good. It all really does look a lot cleaner.

I do have to agree that keeping the URPG/ASB/POL boards separate is a good idea, though. Even if I'm not active in those forums at all, combining them into a single entity is bound to cause a few issues in terms of viewablility.
Just to clear this up! They wouldn't all be in one merged thing!

That's just the main section like Pokemon Main
So it would be like...

Pokemon RPG
++All it's subforums
++All it's subforums
++All it's subforums

xD So you'd only really have to click on the section you want to get to to view all it's boards and stuff. xD It just gives the place a neater look and doesn't make the forum SO LONG! I hope that makes some sense?
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