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Default Re: Left Behind [RP]

Lesha Vinn Chronoki
Route 18
Neutral-Team Theta Leader

Wilds V.S. Tamed...The conflict of idiots.

It was just so petty! It was also extremely stupid, too, and it proved that Pokemon weren't smarter than humans after all; Humans, for centuries, had been fighting and fighting and fighting amoung themselves, sometimes for stuff like territory and resources, which is OK when needed, but when they're not needed at all, or when the conflict sparks because of some petty grudge going too far, Pokemon have always said to themselves, 'wow, they're so stupid! We'd never wage war over that!'

However, no war in all of history has EVER been made purely out of hate for something so stupid as the most differentiating racial feature for a species, Pokemon or Humans. For Humans, it's been meer grudges and sometimes overlooked outbursts of rage about Skin Color, but those periods were quickly done, and it never advanced to true war. However, the Tamed/Wilds split made by Pokemon did, indeed, advance to total war on all regions of the world. It wasn't just Unova-It was truly all of the world, Wilds and Tames duking it out in Johto, Fiore, The Sevii Islands, with no place left untouched, it was this idiotic and stupid conflict on the basis of race, something long declared by Pokemon as a universal whole to be the dumbest thing ever.

There were, however, a very small amount of Pokemon that still remembered that race was indeed the dumbest thing to wage war over. Like Lesha herself, and the group she gathered-Team Theta. They were going to be the Pokemon that truly revolutionized this world without humanity, craft the future with their bare hands, shape this world in ways even Legendary Pokemon could only dream of. Even Arceus would grow jealous at the works they would bring...Hopefully.

But first, they would have to wait until the world's stupidest conflict expired and died, so that they could craft society to it's greatest and brightest, having just been reduced to it's rubble for it's most pitiful reason. From Arty's perspective (and wording), that was the plan.

And that was also before they decided on their true course of action. They would change the world in ways Arceus would truly get jealous over-Lesha had that gut feeling about it. However, Arty's expectations that those of Team Theta would not be involved in the war was very, very wrong.

"Let's move, Pokemon!" Lesha barked to her cohorts. A battle could strike at any minute, and the wounded would need to be carried very far away from it, and the valuables quickly taken.

Arty, reloading her pistol-the only human weapon she carried on her person, and the only one she felt comfortable with-was quite keen on bringing additional ammunition. Very few Pokemon could withstand one well-aimed shot with a pistol. And those very few Pokemon could easily be taken down with two well-aimed shots. And neither side would appreciate having their supporters towed away from the conflict, only to resurface after it ended. They'd be in the crossfire of both sides, and none of Arty's sketched moves, aside from Extremespeed, were meant for combat. She needed something that was. And specifically ranged combat, because she wasn't built for direct, close-range combat either (but rather slapping foes with status conditions while healing herself).

Lesha groaned on hearing the explamation for why she carried a gun at all, as she hated the concept of it. Humans needed to have something to kill themselves with at all times-of course. She did not complain about how Arty was a very good shot with that pistol, though. She didn't complain about anybody's fighting skill-even the super-arrogant and crazy Wyldfyre (and his general strategy of using large-range attacks, even at the cost of hitting allies), and the so-sleepy-he-couldn't-stay-awake-for-4-hours Karazin (whose main weakness was that, indeed, he slept more than the average Abra ever would in a day). In fact, it was the whole reason they could go out in the crossfire to save lives and take whatever the Tames and Wilds decided to ignore-because they could fight, and they could fight very, very good.

That, and Lesha was very, very good at getting Karazin awake, and keeping him awake for a whooping 16 hours.

"WAKE UP, YOU LAZY NIT!" Lesha screeched at Karazin, snapping him awake from slumber.

"...Oh, is a battle all but certian brewing?" Karazin sleepily yawned. He was consious.

"Yep. Tame's have gotten wind of Wilds planning to open the bridge to attack Nimbasa City during the night." Leko said. Leko, out of all of them, was indeed the true voice of reason of the group-Arty's reasoning was good, but was practically in code her metaphors and similies were that tricky to decipher, and Lesha was outwardly just too bossy to be that.

"Yep, yep, that's why we're getting ready to go to Route...Uhh, Route 5, I reckon." Holk said.

"YHEA!" Wyldfyre yelled. "This is our first time doing this, so don't hold me up!" He added.

"Idiot, you should be the one not holding the rest of us up!" Lesha yelled.

"Yhea...The Tame's supposed strategy is to let the Wild's into the route, but hide several groups in the bush to ambush them before they breach the city." Arty said. "A cunning deception, to bait them into coming, but trap them before truly doing damage." She added, in her needed artful reconfiguration. "And for the record, they don't know what's coming-the whole of the wilds in a single outburst, or just a small infiltration group. We could be considered a small infiltration group by them, so don't let us get caught with a showcasing of idiotic yelling." Arty said. "Our goal is to save the souls on the brink of demise from both sides, not wittle their number down further."

"Yhea, and we're here to help the wounded, not kill them." Lesha said, unwittingly repeating what Arty just said.
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