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Default Re: PE2K Factfile 2.0

Name: Michael
Name Origin: Hebrew
Name Meaning: "One who is like God"
Alias: Pe2k, Mike
Old Pe2k names: TitaniumAnimations
Join Date: December 11th, 2009
Date of Birth: January 29th, 1994
Age: 18
Birthplace: Kaiserslautern, Germany
Current Location: Dusseldorf, Germany
Sex: Male
Race: Caucasian
Ethnicity: German, Slavic
Status: In a relationship
Orientation: Heterosexual
Occupation: Artist
Grade: Class of 2012
Family: Mother, Father, Brother (Older), Sister (Older), Sister (Younger)
Pets: 1 Dog

Color: Black/Dark Blue
Number: 5
Animal: Human
Pokemon: Teddiursa, Blastoise, Wheezing
Flower: Forget-Me-Not
Food: Pizza
Candy: Kitkat
Beverage: Root Beer
Restaurant: Eidelweiss

Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 136.45 pounds
Shoe Size: 14 (American size)
Eye Color: Polychromatic (Blue and Green shifts)
Hair Color: Dark Blond
Hair Style: Short (Rotc semester), Medium-Long
Facial Hair: Clean Shaven
Piercings: None
Tattoos: None
Standard Apparel: Hoody, Hat, Jeans, T-shirt, Belt

Movie: Run, Fat Boy, Run, WALL-E
Movie Genre: Action/Adventure/Romance/Comedy
Animated Series: Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends
Non-Animated TV Series: Psych, NCIS, Scrubs, Community, Burn Notice, Band of Brothers
Anime: Chrono Crusade, Dragon Ball Z
Comedian: Louis CK
Actor/Actress: Matt Damon
Video Game: KoToR, Battlefield, Battlefront, AoE, CoH, S4 League
Console: Xbox 360, Wii, Gamecube, N64, Snes, Nes
Singer: Rob Swire
Band/Artist: Hadouken!, Pendulum, Metrik, Nero, Feed Me (aka Spor), UKF
Song: Showdown - Pendulum
Music Genre: Electronic/Drum and Bass
Album: In Silico

Character: Relaxed/Cheerful
Quote: "Entaro Tassadar, friend!"
Book: Ender, Shadow, Reflex, Tom Clancy
Clothing Brand: American Eagle
Season: Winter
Day of the Week: Thursday, Friday, Saturday
Month: September, November
Sport to play/watch: Football (European), Paintball
Languages spoken: English (Primary), German/Chinese
Places traveled: United States, Canada, Japan, Italy, Germany, Russia, Netherlands, Spain, Czech Republic, UK, Ireland
Hobbies: Music, Writing, Animation, Video-Making, Friends
Tags/Keywords: Loving Caring
PE2K Awards: None =(

Contact Me
Myspace: Myspace is still around?
Facebook: Personal
Twitter: Co-owned
Aim: TheBasicPlot
YIM: none
MSN: none
WIM: none
LIM: none
IGQ: none
Skype: Mike_Vogler
DeviantArt: TitaniumAnimations

Latest Test/Work in Production:

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