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Default Pokemon Adventures: Beyond the Horizon

Pokemon Adventures: Beyond the Horizons


Another story in the world of Pokemon based on an adventure between Cian Hartley and the many people who joins him along the way. A ten year old who has come to dislike Pokemon and the garbage he reads in comics on hero's is none other than Cian himself. It all starts with the Pokemon License exam that he fails. In fear, he starts a journey illegally as a Pokemon Trainer to make his mother happy. What will his horizons bring him on his journey?

Index -
Chapter One (In Progress)

Announcements: I never thought I actually get to it, but I did. This Pokemon Adventures story is based off my inspiration to have a main character who wasn't anything like Red or Ash. Comments and Critiques are welcomed. As of 6/8/11, the prologue to "Pokemon Adventures: Beyond the Horizons" is now complete! :D Shall I commence the breaking of the champagne?

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