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[21:35] BulbaTurtwig: I shall comment here
[21:35] BulbaTurtwig: Your art is good
[21:35] [URPGContestChat]: ("The Burn Master" jokesterjessee) no
[21:35] [URPGContestChat]: ("The Burn Master" jokesterjessee) comment there
[21:35] [URPGContestChat]: ("The Burn Master" jokesterjessee) so I loo kcool

Here you go. I especially like the last one.
Specs Unown
Hidden Power
This is an ingenious moveset spread across the ages, constructed piece by piece with painstaking care in the arching caverns and ancient machinery of the most devious and cunning hive mind in the history of anything. This moveset brings Unown's fullest potential into the light. His most powerful move, Hidden Power, rips through Magikarp, Hoppip, and Feebas with its unimaginable power, 2HKOing and OHKOing Magikarp and Hoppip with Hidden Power Ice, respectively. A neutral Hidden Power gives Feebas the ol' one-two-hit KO. When facing such opponents, Unown is unbeatable.
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