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Default Re: Journey from the Valley

(Well, I waited for others to post, but... come on guys D: )

Gladewing, Scyther

Gladewing caught a motion out of the corner of his eye, and moved his gaze to the Leafeon who had threatened him earlier but now sat back quietly on her haunches. Though she had reacted much like the Mightyena, she was making more of an effort to be somewhat peaceful. Dipping her head in acknowledgment, she introduced herself as Isla.

“Pleased to meet you, Isla,” Gladewing repeated another bow, glad that another Pokemon had somewhat accepted him. As he straightened up, ready to say something else, the other scyther started another stream of excited speech—continuing Gladewing’s discomfort.

“This scyther’s going to help us! Hey! Since you’re another scyther, maybe you could teach me to fight. So I could help the others, too. If I don’t get my other memories back, I mean. But I’m not really sure I really knew how to fight before.”

At this point, Gladewing just wasn’t sure what to say. He stared blankly at the older scyther, taking in his appearance. Teach him to fight? He was wounded, but despite that… Gladewing imagined that it might be a little… Awkward? Strange? Really, Gladewing was still just a juvenile, and Bladestrike was a grown Scyther. He was the one who should have known more about fighting then Gladewing. Did his memory loss really wipe everything about his heritage? Okay, Gladewing tried to be as understanding as he could, but how far could this go?

And truthfully… Gladewing wasn’t sure about his own ability to teach another scyther—any scyther.

“Did you see what’s at the top of that tree,” Bladestrike abruptly changed the subject, apparently having a short attention span. “There’s two Pokemon there and they were looking for something.”

Gladewing blinked. “Er, yes…” Didn’t he remember the other two Pokemon? Already he could tell this was going to take a lot of adjusting.

Luckily, another of the others came forward to introduce herself. Another Pikachu, who said, “I am Yuri, Gladewing. Please, forgive Bladestrike. He’s had a hard time since they had to leave the valley. He was injured and lost his memories, but he’s getting better.”

Gladewing remembered himself, shook his head slightly to wake himself from his thoughts, and smiled at Yuri. “I see,” he said. “Well, there’s nothing to forgive. I understand.” Or at least he thought so. Maybe. “That is unfortunate, but I hope that his recovery comes swiftly. In the meantime, I shall do whatever I can to help.”

Even if that meant lessons, he guessed. Er, maybe Bladestrike would forget about that, though.

(OOC: Would add more, but I'll wait for Torin and Poppy to come down from the tree ^^)

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