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Default Re: Aliens: Friend or foe? Real or myth?

They are out there...

But I highly doubt they are anything like we think. Consider this. The human race is the most intellignet race to come out of billions of years of life on this planet. But we have yet to find other intelligent life. We can get into space but we can't go far yet. So if there is a civilization out there with beam-rays, frisbe ships, and laser cannons, they should have found us by now, surely if they were that advanced they would come to Earth, surely their RADAR could pick up all the stuff we have on Earth. So I think there is life, but could it be simply Bacteria that we had on earth 2 Billion years ago? So not be ignorant but if there is life out their they are probably less or equal to us.


Or I might be wrong and prehaps the Aliens don't want to come to Earth becuse we have wars and disease and Godzilla. But who knows...
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