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Default Re: ATF's Tree of Battles

[Revolution][No Items][No Sleep Moves/Rest included][Evasion Clause][Perish Song Fails][Hit One][Intimidate Fails][Encore Fails][No Redirect][No Haze][No Trick Room][Acupressure and Helping Hand can target others][Illusion works on a random Pokemon from Pokedex][Species clause][Two attacks per mon per turn][Substitute can only be used once][Failure to send in 3 minutes equals KO]

AlaskaPidgeon ~ Chandelure VS Mubz ~ Gallade VS Fawkes ~ Jolteon VS Buzzer ~ Porygon-Z VS Pidge ~ Gorebyss VS BulbaTurtwig ~ Rampardos VS Husnain ~ Venusaur VS Rohypnol ~ Togekiss VS Metabee ~ Raichu VS Pokebro ~ Chairzard

Charizard went to work early before getting Ko'ed. After that a mon started to die every turn..

Husnain: $1,000
The Jr Trainer: $1,000
Pokebro: $1,000
Bulba: $1,500
Mubz: $2,000
Pidge: $2,500
Rophynol: $3,000
Buzzer: $3,500
Alaska: $3,500
Metabee: $4,000
Fawkes: $5,000
Me: $5,000

Salary: $5,000
Coordinator Stat's

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