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Default Re: Things You Hate in Music

I hate It when Producers say their name in a song they produced, This drives me nuts when people like "Jr rotem" (AKA: J-J-J-J-JR guy) do it. Basically, Its when a producer will produce a song for an artist, And then In a random part of the song (most of the time the first few seconds) they have an
"audio watermark" which has their name, Even worse Is when they not only have their name, but also a weird sound (JR has this weird horn sound) at the end or middle of the song, I don't know why, but It drives me nuts. The only person I like who does this occasionally Is busy P.

I also hate "cheap" sampling, Sampling Is when a song will have a part of another song In It (most of the time Its looped or made higher/lower In pitch), Don't get me wrong, Some artists like renard queenston do very Interesting samples, Only playing a part of a song and doing Interesting things to it.
But a good example of cheap obvious sampling would be beyonce's "run the world girls" which Is litteraly just her talking over major lazer's pon de floor.
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