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Default What type of N64 controller do you use?

I still have a N64 from when I was a kid but the controllers are a piece of garbage. I have one that keeps causing my car to stop every time I play Mario Kart while pressing A. I wonder if it's that same controller which is causing some minigames that rely on pressing the A or B button in Pichu's Powerplant or Thundering Dyamo hard for me. It's a Superpad and the controller wasn't very well taken care of. Some part of the joystick is gone, meaning the top and it's like the control pad sticks together and doesn't move very well. This is especially for Mario Kart and Pichu's Powerplant so I'm wondering if anyone COULD have a better controller than me and then that could maybe explain why I'm not winning anything to do with the Electric Pokemon on the Pokemon Stadium Hard minigame challenges. Also I know from that one video, Metapod or Kakuna cannot harden and then unharden after a split second. I was watching a TAS video apparently, used for cheating. It never works when I try to do it.