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Default Re: Pokemon Devastion Mewtwo's Return RP

OOC: I'm about to post I don't want anyone else to post yet please.


So Rhy had obtained all the stuff he needed for the mission and started to head out. "Hey guys lets get a move on east hurry we need to get there before Mewtwo's group does."

So as Rhy and the people he picked on the first mission head out. I sit down in disappointment wishing as if I had gotten picked to go on the mission but, all I can think about is just being mad until I had seen a little fluffy tail go to the back of are base. So I go and see what he was doing. I couldn't tell but, then I seen him and said "hey you shouldn't be snooping around the base even if your not on a mission or have nothing to do. I'm a little disappointed to that they didn't bring me on their mission but, anyways I'm Blaze. I just joined there alliance yesterday. Who are you?"

Yanmega had beat Lex to the cliff and had seen nobody. "Hey Lex theres nobody here."

"Hmmmmmm that doesn't make sense. This is where the noise came from."

"Hey look theres a cave over there. Lets head in there Lex."

"Alright." They run with quick poise trying to find who was responsible for making that noise.

OOC:Yo you guys can post now guys.

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