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Default Re: Clan Royal Oblivion - Now Recruiting

Member Rankings have been updated. Here's who ranked up.

-MGOShockwave ranked up to Intermediate Rank
-TheDarkWolf95 was added to the Roster
-Darkrais Shadow and Saraibre Ryu have become the PE2K Branch's first ever Admins.

That's all.

Note the new admins. While I am away this Summer for 4 weeks, they will be in charge. I will have them email me the Clan's activities. Luckily, the Clan won't be extremely active, so their job should be easy. Listen to them as if it were me speaking with a hungry Kyurem standing by my side. haha. Good luck, Admins! I will be leaving around June 23rd. *sniff* I'm gonna miss u! :(
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