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Default Re: Team StormRiders [PG-13] [Gold; Best Pokemon Author; MotY'10]

Originally Posted by FrozenPika View Post
Hooray for late reading. XP

But the beginning stuck out to me more. Rye's part was so sad, especially when his mother faded away, so sad.

All I can say about Zanna is that she screwed up bad. Let's see how she's going to get out of this little problem.

Taliana, nice name. :3 Does this mean Tali's going to lose some of that tough-girl act she had going? XD
At the beginning I had inspiration. xD I kind of lost it towards the end and no matter how long I waited (which was ages) I couldn't find it again. So I just had to put it up as it was to move onto the next chapter. But yeah, the first time the poor guy gets to see his mother in so long and she had to leave him again. D: How hard would that be...

Yes, Zanna did screw up bad. xD But hopefully she's learning! She just wanted to prove that she could handle things, but by trying to do that she just ended up putting everyone else in danger, too. Silly girl!

Tali's name is actually quite sweet. x3 I adore it. And I dunno. Maybe, maybe not. You shall see in the next chapter! ...Which I should probably get to soon. xD

Thank you for reading~ <3

Team StormRiders is BACK. Read it here!
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