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I didn't like the look of this guy and when he started to speak his voice reminded me of pure and utter death. I shuddered as he ranted on about some crap, obviously I didn't want to hear this crap. I wanted to have a good run, but blah, oh well.

"Yeah, whatever, let's just keep going, nub." That guy was so rude, I couldn't help but think. "I only have a couple of rules to keep you safe. One, keep your damn mouth shut..." he droned on and on, but I had to stop listening. Ugh, so boring. Perhaps I should start afresh here. I should be nice to this poor and neglected creature. I nodded my head slowly to show the poor fool I understood him.

"Righto, buddy," I said with a hysterical laugh that was nervewrecking. I gave him a goofy, almost derptastic smile and gave him a few digs in the arm and laughed again. After a few minutes we came to a stop and two badass Mienfoo were dualling together. After a while the first one staggered off. The bigger and more tough one turned to us and I knew it wanted to fight.

"Raichu, come on out!" I said.there was a flash of red light as a large orange and white-bellied mouse Pokemon materialised. She gave her long tail a quick flick as she focused on the opponent, Mienfoo.

"Start with a Thunder Wave and then a Surf attack," I commanded her. Her two pointed ears arched upwards and her fur began to shake a little as static shot through her body. She brought her tail slamming roughly into the ground all of a sudden, sending a wave of paralysing energy towards Mienfoo. Before the attack could hit or not she opened her mouth and seemed to puff her cheeks out as a jet of icy cold water shot out and straight for the Mienfoo.
(13:50:47) Breadfan: (as evidenced by the lack of rapture right now)
(13:51:02) Khimera: What're you talking about? I'm under siege by raptors
(13:51:15) Breadfan: that's jurassic park
(13:51:20) Breadfan: not the rapture

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