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Default Re: Pokemon Devastion Mewtwo's Return RP

Team Base

I Look around the base confused. i see everyone scattering for these two missions Rhy has talked about, but then they all leave, leaving me in the Base. I then look around a bit more, then start worrying a bit, because the last clone he had fought may have told mewtwo about a secret held within my stone.
"Why was i trusted with this, why not someone else" i muttered to myself. "I mean Wyveurn or chessie are always careless in fighting, but then im the opposite..."
I look around, then see a container saying "Cookies, Do not touch." I then run over there, looking around, then put my nova stone in there. "You should be safe in there." Then i walk around the base, guarding it in case of a clone invasion

(OOC: Ill be working on something to lengthen the posts soon so...Ill post it on the signup thread)
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