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Default Re: Rate my team, please.

Originally Posted by PokéExpert98 View Post
My team is:

Scizor Lv53@Metronome
Iron Head
Fury Cutter
Swords Dance

Kyogre Lv100@Mystic Water
Water Spout
Calm Mind
Sheer Cold
Hydro Pump

Mamoswine Lv36@???
Ice Shard
Mud Bomb

Gallade Lv65@???
Close Combat
Bulk Up
Psycho Cut

Aerodactyl Lv50@???
Ice Fang
Fire Fang
Thunder Fang

Ampharos Lv68@???
Shock Wave
Brick Break

The last four Pokémon don't have items yet. I'm currently leveling up all 5 Pokémon that aren't yet at Lv100. I just pulled this team out of my PC so don't tell me my Pokémon's levels are low. Like I said, I'm leveling them up.I know, Mamoswine doesn't need Strength, I'm going to delete that. Otherwise, please give me tips.
10/10 IF you give Scizor a Occa Berry or Leftovers, Otherwise 9/10.

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