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Default Re: The Botanic Gardens

Inferno was set of almost perfectly. It didn’t do as much damage as I had wanted, but it was good enough for now. Right as Shadow launched his Flamethrower attack, Durant took off. It swiftly evaded Shadow’s fiery hot flames, it was faster than I expected. I knew it was fast, but being faster than Shadow was something I didn’t see. That was going to be a problem. I usually relied on his speed to win me battles. Shadow was already faster than the average Houndoom, but he was too slow for this metal Bug Pokémon. Before I could even react and call out another move, Durant lunged in and caught Shadow in his sharp jaw pincer things. He quickly began squeezing tight. Durant easily lifted Shadow off of the ground and turned him upside down. These Pokémon were known to be able to lift things much heavier than themselves, though I doubted Shadow weighted more than Durant. I thought I had come here knowing all I need to know on Durant, but I had forgotten to check their move pool. I wasn’t quite familiar with it so I wasn’t sure what moves I would be up against.

I had to think of something fast. Something to get him out of Durant’s grasp. I didn’t want to risk having Shadow use a Fire type attack on the Durant at point blank range. Also, with Shadow in pain and upside down, he would probably underestimate the Durant and accidently attack it too hard and knock it out. I didn’t want the possibility of Durant accidently being knocked out. The park had a policy that you couldn’t capture a Pokémon if it was unconscious. I wasn’t sure why, it made things easier, but that was the rule they had in place. Then again, I didn’t have much of a choice. Shadow didn’t know too many moves, and the ones that he did weren’t going to do much damage to the Ant Pokémon. I was going to have to risk using a Fire type attack or have Shadow continue to get hurt.

“Alright Shadow, use Fire Fang on Durant’s. If and when it let’s go, I want you to use Double Team.” I called out. I knew that if he used just the right amount of power, he wouldn’t knock the beast out and Durant would release Shadow. I figured that if Shadow bit Durant right on the head, Durant would loosen his grip enough for Shadow to escape. It was a long shot, but I didn’t have much of a choice.

Fire Fang pretty much looks how it sounds. Shadow’s mouth would fill up in flames as he bit down on his opponent. Fire Fang often flinched the opponent, which is what I was hoping would happen so that Durant would let Shadow go. If he was released, he would quickly make clones of himself and surround the opponent. Usually it was four of five illusions, but it just depended on the situation and how much energy he had left to create these clones. If he pulled that off, then I would try using a fragrance to calm the Iron Ant Pokémon down long enough for me to throw a Hyperball. All I needed was a few seconds to aim and throw the ball, and then luck would have the Hyperball close shut and me capture what I came here for. It seemed like a done deal, but I still needed this play to go through.
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