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Default Re: The "promiscuous woman" walk

Provocative clothing has lots its meaning in today's world in my opinion. Who are women actually provoking by dressing up in these 'provocative clothes'? The people who dress in 'standard clothes'? The men in general? The government? The general public? Nowadays there are so many clothing brands and styles that can be considered into the definition of provocative that they've lost their meaning. Teens trying to stand out from the crowd with this clothing have only formed a huge mass of their own. Young women who dress in these clothes have nearly formed a sub-culture in which older and older women take part in. It's not like dressing up in 'provocative clothes' is that much different from dressing in a bikini, which was considered provocative a few decades backwards but is now casual.

Rape in Western world countries is such a minor problem compared to developing, third world countries that it's not even amusing. It's wrong no matter where it occurs but I don't see how dressing up in a certain way and making a huge walk scene raises any positive awareness. Promoting something by attaching a negatively charged word to the matter promoted is generally not a good way of promoting. Would you promote homosexual rights with a 'Huge F****t Parade' rather than the current current Gay Pride Parade?

So, in my opinion, yes. The walk raises awareness but in the wrong way. The victims are the problem only as long as they themselves consider them to be part of the problem. Advertising your 'provocative' style publicly only further raises people's image of the victim being a cause to the rape problem as well.
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