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Default Re: Question and Answer Thread

Originally Posted by sammy0295 View Post
How exactly does Stored Power work? It starts at 20 BP and gains 20 more for each positive state change. But do negatives count against it? For example after one Curse, the stats would be +1 ATK, +1 DEF, -1 SPD. Would a Stored Power after that have a BP of 60 or 40?
Stat changes are calculaed after everything else, iirc. Does that answer your question? .u.
Originally Posted by Dino View Post
I have a ref question.

When I enter some stat changes in on the calculator.
(In my current case with - DEF)
The calculator will subtract the - Def from both pokemon instead of the single on I impute it for.

Is this a glitch or something my computer is doing?
EERRMM. It's probably a glitch, but if you can just ignore it until Paperfair comes online to fix it... >w<||
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