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Dual leaped towards the Charmeleon as the Flame Pokemon exploded forwards as well, wreathed in fire generated from the overly-hot sun. Fire trailed behind it as it darted through the air, leaping towards the Gallade. Suddenly, Haji glowed bright white and Dual was accelerated forwards, like he had been shot out of a cannon. The two combatants clashed in midair, and the Charmeleon got off the first attack. It headbutted Dual in the chest, just managing to avoid the red crest that was there. Dual flinched back a bit, but then lashed out at the Charmeleon with his stone-covered blade. The Stone Edge cut across the Charmeleon's chest, scoring a deep wound that pushed the Charmeleon backwards. Dual then kicked his feet out, pushing against the Charmeleon's pelvis to get away from the Fire type. Both Pokemon blasted away from each other, landing on their feet.

I felt a gentle spray of water on the back of my neck, and I turned to see that Alphonzo had released a Floatzel that had promptly sprayed him with a jet of water. I subconsciously stepped towards him, desiring another blast of water, but I didn't say anything. I still wasn't completely comfortable around Alphonzo - he seemed legit, but there was something a little bit off about him. If Buzz had been replaced, there was no real reason for River to be here, unless she was just chilling with Ivy, I guess.

Suddenly, the Heatmor burst up from under the ground and grabbed Haji, pulling the pink feline under the ground. Thankfully, the tunnel looked stable - if it collapsed while Haji was inside it we'd be in trouble. I knew Espeon had the ability to tunnel underground, but I doubted Ivy had taught Haji that technique yet - it was rather esoteric and didn't have many applications. Except for now.

"Haji!" Ivy screamed. She started breathing hard and turned to me. "Chainy, Dual, please help me," she asked with a ragged voice.

"Of course," I said firmly, nodding my head. I reached out for Dual and asked him what Haji was planning on doing.

<Ivy plans for him to use his Psychic to break free and return to the surface,> he replied, keeping an eye on the Charmeleon, who was flexing its muscles and grinning. The attack must have reinforced it somehow - probably a Flame Charge. I gritted my teeth - I hated that technique. Fire types getting stronger, great.

Alright, well back Haji up, I instructed. Use your Psychic to help Haji break free and get to the surface - between the two of you it shouldn't be too hard to manage. Then, when Haji is free, send a Rock Slide the Heatmor's way to block him off from grabbing Haji again.

I was glad that Haji was using Psychic too, because even though Dual had telekinetic powers they weren't very strong. I doubted that he would have been able to rescue Haji by himself. However, with the Espeon's assist, he should be able to break the Heatmor's grasp and get the cat out of there. As soon as the Espeon was clear, Dual would then punch the ground with his fist, and jagged rocks would stick up out of the ground as the attack made its way towards the tunnel. They'd then pierce through the tunnel, blocking the Heatmor from regaining its grasp on Haji. If it took some damage from the attack too that'd be great, but it wasn't my principle concern at this moment.

Dual closed his eyes and put one hand to his helmet, extending the other towards the area of ground where Haji was fighting to break free. A blue corona surrounded his head and hands as his attack began. The Charmeleon was finishing its stretches, and the flames around its body began to erupt again. I just hoped that whatever it was planning wouldn't interrupt Dual.
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